New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is building and army to track trace and database people.

Including me.

It’s going to be the contact tracing army.

And he’s working together with billionaire eugenicist former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to build this army of 17,000 government spies… I mean contact tracers

Something that is based on bad data and isn’t going to work, which I explain in the video above.

But will allow government agents to play on people’s fears to trace every move they make and their medical history.

So yeah that’s got me nervous. And ready to leave New York as soon as I possibly can move out of here.

And of course this contract tracing army is just adding to the fear state that the world is in right now.


Our new reality of having our lives and livelihoods shut down by the government and being tracked, traced and databased creates needless stress and anxiety in our lives.

One new thing I’ve started doing lately to relieve myself of the stress from everything going on is…

Using Kratom 

Maybe you’ve heard of Kratom because the government tried to ban it and failed.

Or maybe you’ve just heard it’s a plant medicine and are curious what it does.

Kratom is a tree that’s a member of the coffee family but has no caffeine.

It’s used for natural:

– Pain relief 

– Anxiety relief

– Energy and focus

– Breaking addiction to harmful substances

My good friend John Bush who has the health products I use also operates a Kratom business.

Check out Natural Relief Now and learn if Kratom is right for you.


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