Many people in the United States have expressed the frustration at the direction our representatives in government have taken our country in recent years. This has led to the rise of the Tea Party in 2010, a movement that represents a return to the limited government the founders envisioned when writing the U.S. Constitution. Frustration is also evident with the rise of the Occupy movement, a movement that believes a disproportionate amount of money as well as power are flowing to global banking institutions & large corporations.

Clearly there is frustration across the spectrum of political beliefs that people have. The question must be asked: Are your elected representatives working in with your interests in mind?

There is a clear answer and it is a resounding, NO!

In the last 12 years we have seen massive erosion of the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution. These liberties were considered unalienable, meaning they were given by your creator and not by any man or government. The erosion of these liberties has been going on for decades but in recent years greatly accelerated with the Patriot Act, the warrantless wiretapping provisions that were included in this legislation, and the formation of the Department of Homeland security. These things happened under the Bush administration. In part, they led to the success of a candidate in 2008 that ran on a platform of ending foreign wars, stopping torture and closing Guantanamo Bay. It was a platform of “hope and change.”

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