Link To Story Cerca de 18 carros foram incendiados durante ataques em Amargosa (Foto: Ruan Melo/G1)

Thirty motorcycles, 18 cars and a bus were set alight during the action of a group of residents in the town of Amargosa, 250 kilometers from Salvador, late on Wednesday (16). The group also broke into the police station of the city, stole all the weapons, released prisoners, destroyed and burned the place, according to the Military Police on the morning of Thursday (17). The attacks occurred over the death of a 1 year old girl by the police during an exchange of gunfire.

Morador exibe foto da criança que foi morta após ação da polícia (Foto: Ruan Melo/G1)Resident displays photo of the child who was killed after
police action (Photo: Ruan Melo / G1)

According to the principal delegate of the 4th Coordination of Police of the Interior (Coorpin / Santo Antônio de Jesus), Paulo Roberto Guimarães, who manages security in the region, 16 prisoners were released from jail after the invasion of the residents. Of these, two have been recaptured.

According to Guimarães, during the conflict, delegated, the judge and the prosecutorAmargosa took refuge in a city hotel. The sheriff said officials stayed on site for safety reasons, as the headquarters of the police station was completely destroyed by the group.

According to Colonel Aldemário Xavier, who works in the city, 18 people were interviewed by police and released already. Xavier also said established that chaos was controlled until dawn on the morning of Thursday (17).

According to Guimarães, the conflict began when two officers initiated a chase to a robber bikes, which have connection with drug trafficking.

During the chase, the alleged offender broke into the home of a family and in an attempt to reach the suspect, one of the officers hit a shot in a child, who later died on the spot. According to the Public Security Bureau of Bahia (SSP-BA), the suspicion is that the party has shot the gun of a civilian police officer.

Also according to the officer, the officer responsible for the shooting was not located in Amargosa, but has been found inSalvador by the Comptroller of the Civil Police, who requested that he appear before the headquarters of the agency.

In a statement issued on the morning of Thursday, the SSP said that 36 policemen, including delegates and investigators were immediately shifted to the region, as well as teams from the Military Police and the Shock Battalion. According to the agency, as determined by the Magistrate, “the weapon of the civil police who participated in the operation and who would have left the bullet that struck the child was seized and will be forwarded for examination at the Department of Technical Police (DPT)”.

Amargosa revolta4;bahia (Foto: Marcello Dial/Site Voz da Bahia)Cars were destroyed in action group
residents (Photo: Marcello Dial / Site Voice of Bahia)

A resident of the city who declined to be identified told how it was the action of the group of residents. “They [police] entered the house of a woman behind a smuggler who was fleeing from them, and ended up hitting a shot in a child,” he explained. According to information from the PM, the child came to be bailed to a local hospital, but he could not survive.

According to the resident, the group was circling the city, turning and burning cars and making threats to others. “They came here in front, hooded, saying it would set fire to everything. We’re scared. We turned off the lights and we are silent in the house not to realize that we are here. The city is isolated,” said the woman.

Amargosa revolta 3;bahia (Foto: Marcello Dial/Site Voz da Bahia)Attack caused destruction Bahian city
(Photo: Marcello Dial / Site Voice of Bahia)

She said she contacted the military police but was informed that there was sufucientes military at the time to contain the actions of criminals.

However, an increase of more than 30 men from the 14th Military Police Battalion in Santo Antônio de Jesus was sent to the city and is already in operation.

The G1 talked with the advice of the Civil Police, which reported that “would possibly instances started after a child was hit during an exchange of gunfire, and that all measures of internal affairs were taken to know the extent of involvement of civil police in the case. “ In addition, a team of delegates is the way to Amarnath to receive testimony from witnesses.

Amargosa revolta 5:bahia (Foto: Marcello Dial/Site Voz da Bahia)Group also destroyed police station in the municipality of
Amargosa (Photo: Marcello Dial / Site Voice of Bahia)

Police still do not know why the victim’s home was invaded – whether it was the residence of some involved in crime – or in what part of the body the girl was hit.

The police linked to the case have seized the weapon to be periciada and must attend the internal affairs of the Civil Police in Salvador, even on Thursday. The place where the child was hit also be periciado. An inquest will be opened to determine the circumstances of death.


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