Charles C. Johnson, the groundbreaking journalist behind, has gone public on Facebook with a powerful story that he chose not to publish years ago – and the story adds more weight to the pedophile ring being uncovered by PizzaGate researchers.

Johnson’s story centers around Ryan Loskarn, the former chief of staff of a powerful U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn). Johnson was told about a
gay pedophile ring in Washington, D.C. – and Loskarn was caught and arrested for his involvement.

“Time to tell you about a story I didn’t publish. In 2012 I was told about a gay pedophile ring in DC involving a chief of staff of a powerful Republican. The story seemed far fetched and I dismissed it. Turns out this was who my source was talking about: Ryan Loskarn, the chief of staff of Senator Lamar Alexander. Loskarn ultimately took his own life. Michael Cernovich is absolutely right to focus on pedophilia in DC. It’s real. #pizzagate,” Johnson wrote on Facebook.

Loskarn, arrested for possession of child pornography, is reported to have committed suicide in 2014. However, before taking his own life – and whether he took his own life or was “suicided” by members of the pedophile ring is debatable (as ex-CIA director William Colby told John Decamp, “if it’s done good enough you can’t prove it was a murder or track the perpetrators who did it”) – Loskarn admitted to being abused as a child.

The note in which Loskarn claimed that he was sexually abused as a child was posted online by his family members.

“I found myself drawn to videos that matched my own childhood abuse,” the note said, on “I pictured myself as a child in the image or video. The more an image mirrored some element of my memories and took me back, the more I felt a connection.”

Loskarn admitted in his suicide note that what he revealed is his “deepest, darkest secret.”

“The first time I saw child pornography was during a search for music on a peer-to-peer network. I wasn’t seeking it but I didn’t turn away when I saw it. Until that moment, the only place I’d seen these sorts of images was in my mind.” Loskarn, wrote.  “They’re the first thing I see when I wake and the last thing I think about before falling asleep. I am not in control of anything anymore, not even my own memories. It’s terrifying.”

Loskarn continues, “In my mind I instigated and enjoyed the abuse – even as a five and nine year old – no matter the age difference. Discussing what had happened would have meant shame and blame.”

The odd thing about this note is that, toward the end, it says: “as I begin the process of trying to sort this out and fix myself” and in the end he begins apologizing ending with: “and last, to the children in the images: I should have known better. I perpetuated your abuse and that will be a burden on my soul for the rest of my life.”

It appears throughout the note that Loskarn was caught up in a struggle as to whether to end his life or not. He either eventually decided to take his life or was killed, like many before him, to keep this dirty, dark secret of others in the D.C. pedophile ring hidden.

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