China creates world’s first sidewalk lane for text addicts

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, September 14, 2014, 8:17 PM – Nomophobians are breathing a sigh of relief in China.

The Chinese city of Chongqing has created the world’s first lane for mobile phone addicts who simply cannot put their beloved devices down – although before you roll your eyes, relax: It’s in a theme park, not the city’s actual sidewalks.

The 100 ft-stretch of pavement was specially painted for individuals who have their eyes perma-locked to their screens.

The dedicated smartphone lane has a picture of a phone etched on the ground with the word “cell phones” boldly written down. Officials also drew two thick white lines separating the lane from the rest of the pavement.

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And while a dedicated walking path may seem pointless, researchers say smartphone-related pedestrian injuries is a growing problem.

A report published last March by the University of Buffalo found that there are more distracted walking injuries per mile than injuries from distracted driving. Accidents included everything from falling down stairs to walking into oncoming traffic.

The idea of dedicated mock-path for smartphone users was inspired by a similar project that appeared on the show “Mind Over Masses” on National Geographic back in mid-July. The behavioural science show found that only a few pedestrians changed which side of the sidewalk they walked on after spotting the signs.

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