Supporters of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump joined forces to disrupt a Hillary Clinton rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Tuesday evening — causing the former First Lady to snap.

In the video, a protester is heard shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” before a weak chant of “Hillary” begins from her low-energy crowd. This lead to groups chanting “Donald Trump” and other groups chanting “Bernie Sanders.”

In the video, as the Gateway Pundit notes, you can hear a Clinton supporter telling security, “there’s a whole bunch of them.”

As this was going on, Clinton appeared to reach her limit and snap.

The candidate began taking shots not at her opponent, but his supporters, you know, the ones she has also called “irredeemable” and “deplorables.”

“I get sometimes a little overwhelmed by the fact that I love this country,” Clinton shouted. “I think we already are great. I think we could be greater, and, you know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump. It is time for us to say, ‘No, we are not going backwards. We are going forward into a brighter future.’  So how do we do that? For the next seven days, we focus on what is important, do not get distracted or diverted – focus on the kind of country and world that we want to help create.”

She also urged her supporters to stage an “intervention” for anyone who would dare to vote against her corruption and frighteningly hawkish stance.

“I want you to do me another favor, if you know anybody who says they are thinking of voting for Trump, I want you to stage an intervention,” Clinton said. “And I want you to talk to this person because unless they are a billionaire who avoided paying taxes for 20 years and lost a billion dollars running casinos, they do not have anything to gain from Donald Trump.”

It’s funny, since it seems to be only her billionaire friends who benefit from her being in any position of power — just ask the people of Haiti.

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