Sierra Adamson interviews retired police detective, Howard Wooldridge who is a part of Citizens Opposing Prohibition (COP). Howard is a drug policy specialist who works in Washington with the aim of ending the war on drugs.

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Based in the Washington, DC area – COP provides the only full-time law enforcement/police voice in the US Congress in opposition to Drug Prohibition.   COP is unique, as it makes presentations to every Congressional office every year.   COP also assists other organizations to understand the police perspective of drug prohibition policy.

COP’s mission is to educate Members of Congress and the Washington, DC federal bureaucracy that to reduce crime, death, disease and drug use, our  current federal drug prohibition laws must be repealed.  This is being accomplished by focusing on the anti-prohibition message.    In addition, we provide information to state policy makers, criminal justice professionals, and the public through consultation, education programs, conferences, publications, the news media and the Internet.  COP also provides speakers to educational institutions and civic organizations of all kinds.

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