Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings for yet another important, independent media news update. Today is October 9th, 2017 and in this video, we will be talking about Republicans warning about World War 3. We’re going to discuss all the countries who are likely to win the coveted prize of freedom and democracy on their homeland. We will also be talking about the scary updates between rich and powerful media and of course the sex scandals that were going around. I will discuss the continued extreme YouTube censorship that is crushing the business of independent entrepreneurs who want to make a job of telling you the truth. Truths the corporate media won’t tell you about, like the topic of World War 3.

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Donald Trump is publicly sparring with his own Senator, Bob Corker. Many say that this public feud may put an end to Donald Trump’s tax reforms.


Last night he warned that Donald Trump is steering the United States towards World War 3. Corker is part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and it has access to a lot of classified information. He stated publicly that Donald Trump’s governing style is fit more for a reality show than the White House.


This disagreement is just adding fuel to the bitter public row between former allies; I don’t know if this comment was made in the heat of the moment or if it was an actual warning to the American people. Donald Trump does seem to be threatening war with a lot of countries recently. There was his cryptic cliffhanger before the media with the military brass in attendance where he discussed the “Calm before the storm” recently.


I think it’s important to look at which country is likely to receive the honor of having freedom and democracy rained down upon them. It could be Venezuela which Donald Trump threatened military action against not too long ago. During his speech at the UN General Assembly, he said that he wants to spread freedom and democracy in that country.


I’m sorry to laugh, but we all know the United States is not in the business of creating freedom and democracy all over the world. It’s because Venezuela declared war on the US petrodollar, but that’s another long conversation. While there is a lot of tough talk from both Maduro of Venezuela and Donald Trump, it seems very unlikely that something will escalate in South America.


It could be Iran the country that has an agreement with the United States that was signed by Barrack Obama called the Iran nuclear deal. This deal prevents Iran from expanding their nuclear proliferation in exchange for ending the sanctions against that country. Independent auditors have reported that Iran is complying with this agreement and holding up their end of the bargain. This is according to European allies and the United Nations watchdog who is responsible for monitoring the situation. Donald Trump is still saying that he will declare that Iran is not compliant even though the U.N says they are and may place further sanctions against Iran.


This is worrying a lot of people since it would reinstitute economic warfare between the United States and Iran. The United States is also planning to designate the Revolutionary Iranian military guard forces as a “terrorist organization.”


This is the same Iranian military that has been fighting against al-Nusra and ISIS inside of Syria. The Iranians responded by saying that they would give a crushing response if the United States does this.


A war between Iran and Israel as Newsweek puts it is not only very likely, but it is probably just a matter of time. We have already seen the Israeli military attack Hezbollah forces inside of Syria.


Forces that were fighting against radical Islamic terrorist groups. Iran, of course, supports Hezbollah and the Syrian government both of which have an intense dislike for Israel. Now that the Syrian war has ended there is now an Iranian and Hezbollah presence right on the border with Israel.

Israel says that they will not tolerate this which could bring Iran into the conflict with Israel. Israel would be supported by the United States thus increasing the likelihood of an Iranian versus U.S. War. It’s been the Neocon’s wet dream for decades to start a war with Iran. Neocons have openly talked about a false flag event to kick off a war.

Further conflict in the Middle East is unpredictable since Russia and China are major economic partners with Iran. They have recently expressed their concerns regarding Iran. They say the Iran nuclear deal should stay intact and have also criticized Donald Trump for his hawkish comments against Iran.


I think the most likely looming disastrous situation would be with North Korea. Just moments ago Russia and China called for restraint by Donald Trump due to his latest comments on North Korea.


Donald Trump has been hinting at military action in North Korea on Twitter. Defense Secretary James Mathis told the US Army to be ready with North Korean military options.


The United Kingdom is also preparing for a possible war with North Korea. The North Korean situation is very confusing, and I recommend you watch some of our previous videos on that country. North Korea seems like the most likely. We don’t know if it will happen since China and Russia are against military intervention and they might engage with the United States.


I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone else knows but I think it’s important to lay out the situation for you. Let me know what you think.

Moving forward in other short fat ugly disgusting despotic political leader news.


No, we’re not talking about Kim Jong-un I am talking about Sir Edward Heath, the now-deceased former prime minister of the United Kingdom.


I have a critical news update about the child sex abuse ring that this former prime minister of the United Kingdom was involved in. The police chief who investigated the former prime minister and wrote a report talking about how he abused little children when he was in power just came out moments ago and said that he could have spent 2 or 3 more years investigating the sex child pedophilia rings. However, he was stopped from doing so. He was prevented from digging deeper into this significant matter by of course the U.K. Government.

This brave police chief is calling for a new investigation into the most powerful politicians in the United Kingdom who were caught being pedophiles. This police chief was lambasted by cabinet ministers, members of the judiciary and media moguls for investigating Ted Heathe. They said that he was being stupid and leading a witch hunt. People in power are covering up actual child abuse by the rich and well connected. They, of course, ran a relentless campaign to undermine him and yet he was still able to file a report that proved that the former prime minister of the United Kingdom was an outright child abuser and pedophile.

In a related story about the media cover-up of sex abuse, we are also discovering that media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been exposed for sexually abusing women for over three decades. This latest abuse scandal was known to the New York Times 13 years ago, but they decided to sit on the story. The editors killed the story according to a reporter at the New York Times because of alleged pressure.


This allowed an abusive monster to continue his attacks against women even recently trapping a reporter in a hallway and committing lewd and disgusting acts in front of her. The reporter that was initially investigating Weinstein in 2004 said that the story was killed. This happened after pressure from A-list celebrities like Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.


This puts the New York Times in a very tough spot as they broke the story a few days ago. It shows you not only how the rich and powerful could commit horrible, horrendous acts and how they can get away with it. All because of their power and money. The Weinstein Company that was started by this abuser is now set to change their company name but have also fired their founder Harvey Weinstein amid all these sexual harassment accusations.


We covered the story yesterday so if you want a full perspective just watch yesterday’s video. We have to understand this is not only a single case of abuse. It happens in Hollywood and elite circles more than you think.

Corey Feldman, a former actor, came out and said the number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem vultures who Feldman says abused him and his best friend the late child actor Corey Haim his co-star in The Lost Boys.


“There’s one person to blame for the death of Corey Haim and that person happens to be a Hollywood Mogul, and that person needs to be exposed, but unfortunately I can’t be the one to do it,”

As we learn from the Jimmy Savile case in the United Kingdom, sexual abuse doesn’t only happen in the entertainment business but as well connected with the political sphere. The fact the mainstream media will cover up for them and lie to you about as Corey Feldman explained it.

There are corrupt people in this industry, and there are people in this industry who have gotten away with things for so long. They feel they’re above the law. That has got to change, and it needs to stop.


We reported to you yesterday on this insane entertainment industry that YouTube is laying out the red carpet is being done by demonetizing, de-incentivizing, censoring and deleting real independent media. Real media who are not caught up in this massive corrupt sphere of money and influence. Just like days ago when YouTube announce algorithm changes because of the Las Vegas shooting. I told you these policies would be used against everyone. It’s not just crazy conspiracy theorists that they are going after. They’re going after YouTubers like PragerU. Google is not allowing them to promote their videos saying that it is dangerous content because their video talks about there being only two genders.


They have censored Mike Cernovich’s documentary on Sweden by making it restricted even though there is zero nudity in that documentary.


They also deleted a recent video that Mark Dice made on his YouTube channel. They continue to demonetize our content and that of other independent journalists. They have been making sure that ABC and other corporate giant media mogul companies have priority when it comes to search results and recommended videos.

I’m worried about this because I know for a fact that this corrupt and powerful influence media institutions that YouTube is pushing are not only harboring sexual predators but they’re also working hand-in-hand with the deep state and intelligence.

The FBI and CIA play a substantial part when it comes to making, producing, and promoting influential movies and TV series.


Just from the CIA alone we recently learned that the CIA has directly influenced over 1,800 movies and TV shows. In most these films they pushed for more war propaganda and censorship of anti-war messages. Sometimes even changing the scripts of TV shows and movies to fit the government narratives. Engineering propaganda and information warfare against you.


What is still unknown is the full extent of the shadowy involvement of the CIA and the entertainment media business.


That’s why we all have to share this video and use alternatives like DTube and BitChute. We’ve started uploading our videos on these platforms because unlike the ABC and mainstream networks were not influenced by any corporations or government,

It sure looks like the corporate media empire has now taken over YouTube. It is evident that people were waking up to the propaganda by going to YouTube for real independent news. The public will now be unable to get that information. YouTube was supposed to be for everyone and was a bastion of free speech, but that has been all but officially destroyed. It’s critically important for everyone to understand this the next time they decide to vote with their clicks.

That is the news for today. Another not so optimistic news update but a critically important information one that needs to get out to the American public.

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