We are going to discuss the Roy Moore scandal, and Donald Trump Junior’s tweets with WikiLeaks. Also, we consider how Amazon is taking over the known universe and some more dumbass moves by the US military.

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Hello and welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings to the WeAreChange daily broadcast. You know the one where we shatter your reality and optimism for society with a slap of some real news and not the crap they give you everywhere else. So that’s why we are going to discuss the Roy Moore scandal, and Donald Trump Junior’s tweets with WikiLeaks. Also, we consider how Amazon is taking over the known universe and some more dumbass moves by the US military.

We will start off with this underreported story because it’s now not just one, two, three, four, or five but a sixth person has come out against the former president and CIA head George H. W Bush. They are accusing him of sexually assaulting them including an alleged groping of a sixteen-year-old.


I get that he is old, and the mainstream media still prop him up like he’s some good guy, but in reality, he’s not. There should be a lot more heat on him not only for these latest actions but all the illegal operations he conducted when he was the former head of the CIA. If we had a just legal system, he would have been in jail. At least now everyone’s sharing and getting more attention on this story. He will at least be known as a sexual abuser, but he still should be in jail.


In other Republican sexual harassers news, we have Roy Moore that has become a national scandal. One side is saying that he is an outright pedophile that dated and sexually abused young teenage girls when he was 30. The other side is saying that this is a complete conspiracy and coverup against Roy, so he doesn’t win the Alabama Senate seat. We have two women coming out against Roy Moore about his inappropriate contact with them, and others are saying that all of these allegations are entirely false. That these accusations are just desperate political attacks.


I do have to say if you’re one of these people that previously was calling out left-leaning figures like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey for their sexual abuse and allegations before and now with this Roy Moore scandal you’re saying wait let’s look at the evidence you might be a hypocrite. Of course, there are people who are falsely accused, and there are conspiracies in Washington DC. However, I have to be honest with you guys after Roy Moore’s interview with Sean Hannity where he pretty much verbally gave the shoulder shrug to even going out with a fourteen-year-old and other underage women when he was thirty it doesn’t look that good for him. Establishment bootlicker Mit Romney blasted away against Roy Moore, and the RNC officially pulled their financial support behind him. Now even Sean Hannity himself is calling for Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race. This after Hannity gave him 24 hours to clear up the inconsistencies in his story.


I think the story is very clear unless Roy Moore is purposefully shooting himself in the foot. He stated that he might have gone on a date with a teenager when he was thirty. For me, the case is pretty clear. Let me know if you think I’m wrong in the comments.

In other terrible child abusing news, we have the mainstream media finally paying attention to an issue I’ve been talking about for a very long time. That issue is a series of YouTube channels that exploit children and prey on them through YouTube. This has been creating a controversy known as #elsagate. I’ve been talking about this while YouTube decides to make their number one priority not these kinds of videos, not even radical Islamic terrorist videos, but videos by independent creators like myself and Black Pigeon Speaks. While lots of people point out their hypocrisy, they waste their resources trying to take us down. This is just frustrating, but at least this is finally getting some mainstream media attention.


In other news, we have George Takei, another actor who has recently been accused of sexually assaulting people. He has decided to use the Russia defense as the excuse for growing list of sexual assault accusations against him. Yeah, that’s where we’re at right now. The whole Russia defense worked for the DNC and Hillary Clinton, but for some reason, I don’t think it’s going to work this time.


The stories just keep pouring in making it very hard to keep up with all the sexual abuse allegations. Allegations that are happening not only in Hollywood but Washington DC, and as we said before in this broadcast this is just the beginning. Josh Apatow said the same thing recently. A lot more is coming, which we will be following. This issue is very real, it’s very disturbing, and it gets a lot deeper than we think. The only practical way to get justice is to focus our attention on this and make this an issue. Since police departments, mainstream media figures, and political figures have all been covering up for these crimes.

There isn’t justice right now as Rose McGowan just turned herself in for the alleged crime of residue of narcotics that was found on a lost item in the Washington Dulles International Airport earlier this year. This is a class five felony against McGowan who is one of the original whistleblowers and one of the first people who started coming out about the sexual abuse and predator problem that has been happening in Washington DC.


According to conservative estimates since 1950 the Vatican has spent 3.9 billion dollars settling child molestation and pedophile cases by priests. It feels like the whole world is upside down sometimes.


In other horrible financial misuses of money news, there’s a new report documenting how the war on terror has cost 8 trillion dollars in interest alone as the United States has been borrowing money to pay for more empire building. You know the usual, war, destruction, drones, arming terrorists, and other horrible things. With Donald Trump’s aggressive foreign policy and expanding military budgets, we can expect more debt and servitude. The interest will only get higher.


If you’re going to be spending all that money then why not just give it to an evil corporation like Amazon. The government is now voting on giving Amazon fifty-three billion dollars to become its leading Pentagon supplier. That’s a dumbass move since Amazon is already a very powerful mega-corporation because of government handouts.


As this article eloquently puts it “friendly reminder that Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon is still trying to take over the universe.” He not only owns the Washington Post and is expanding his influence to include CIA contracts but his company is working on quantum and AI computing. Jeff Bezos is the individual to look at regarding the futuristic technocratic state that most likely will be ruled by him and other mega-corporate tech giants.

The never-ending saga of more dumbass moves by the military-industrial complex continues. We are getting news now that the US Army will be taking applicants with histories of mental illness, drug abuse, and self-mutilation. This mainly because of low army signups. The military is struggling to meet Donald Trump’s goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers. I don’t know about you, but I think taking in people that have mental issues and previous drug abuse issues and training them to be professional killers is not a good idea.


We have to be strong and fight for freedom though, right. No this will just cause more human suffering. Not unlike the millions of victims who are suffering right now as a result of U.S. Support of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are conducting their massive genocide against Yemen currently which we covered several times. This should be the most important story in the world, and yet it’s still not.

We’re getting an update as Saudi Arabia now says they will finally open up some of the ports to humanitarian aid and allow supplies to be delivered to Yemen. However, there’s a catch in that the aid will only be delivered to the parts of Yemen that are loyal to Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Wahabbists. These are Al Qaeda-linked groups fighting the Houthis. This aid will disregard Northern Yemen which has been the primary target of U.K.-U.S.-Saudi Arabian bombings involving Iranian linked rebel groups.


In other bankrupting this country news, we have a large show of force by the US military that for the first time in a decade has placed three US aircraft carriers right next to North Korea. This is an ongoing saber-rattling show of force between the United States and North Korea. I don’t see this going anywhere especially since China declared that they would intervene and stop America if it attacks North Korea. They say they will only stay neutral if North Korea attacks the United States first.


There’s been a lot of fear-mongering about the possibility of war between the United States and North Korea. Honestly, I don’t see this conflict going anywhere and will likely remain a stalemate for a very long time. That’s just my analysis if you think I’m wrong then let me know in the comments.

Now how else is the United States getting into more debt with this war on terror? Well, they’re making deals with ISIS. We reported on this to you weeks ago, but now an official report by the BBC confirmed our initial report of how the United States and Syrian Defense Forces knowingly aided thousands of ISIS fighters. They allowed them free passage out of Raqqa and permitted them to regroup in other strongholds, so they can continue fighting.


ISIS is still being defeated but don’t worry we have another potential conflict in Lebanon with Saudi Arabia. The Pentagon just announced to the delight of the military-industrial complex that we are expanding the war on terror to Africa. Nice that should keep the stock markets high even though they are just artificially inflated with more debt from borrowing that further erodes this country financially.

Meanwhile, the authorities who are supposed to stop the terrorists, terrorists that were influenced, financed, and funded by our very own tax dollars are now going on the offensive. They have arrested 625 people in the U.K. who made Facebook and Twitter posts that were deemed offensive. Welcome to the Orwellian Big Brother police state nightmare that they want us to all live under.


Lastly, in other gossipy news, we have the direct messages of Donald Trump Junior that were leaked between him and WikiLeaks. They expose their secret correspondence in which WikiLeaks made an effort to work with the Trump campaign by asking them to comment on the stories that they were releasing. They asked the Trump campaign to release Donald Trump’s tax returns to WikiLeaks so they could publish them and then look unbiased to the general public. Even telling Donald Trump Junior that he should not concede the election if they lost.

There are messages from Julian Assange requesting to be Australia’s ambassador to the United States. Donald Trump Junior released these direct messages to the general public through his own Twitter account. There is a lot of mainstream media buzz but what this ultimately shows you is how an eager WikiLeaks and Julian Assange with indeed no more significant implications for Donald Trump Junior. Julian Assange doubled down on his request of the Trump administration saying that his offer of being ambassador still stands. He said, “I could open a hotel style embassy in DC with immunity suites for whistleblowers. The public will get a turbo-charged flow of intel about the latest CIA plots to undermine democracy. DM me.”


I don’t see this as a big story, but it is interesting to see how eager WikiLeaks was to work with the Trump administration. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section. If you found the information contained here important, please share it.

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