(This interview is in Dutch – press the subtitle button for English subtitles)

On 14 November 2012, We Are Change Rotterdam spoke with former union
chairman, Lodewijk de Waal about the Bilderberg meetings. He attended
himself in 1999 (Lodewijk J. de Waal Chairman, Dutch Confederation of
Trade Unions (FNV) in Sintra, (Portugal) and even talked to Henry
Kissinger (Kosovo Moderator op Bilderberg, 3-6 juni 1999).
Given the meeting between politicians, top CEOs of banks and
multinationals, media and even union chairmen; how does this relate to
voters who are kept in the dark even of the existence of a Bilderberg Group?
How about transparency and secretiveness surrounding the Bilderberg?

https://www.youtube.com/wearechangerotterdam and

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