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Because the vast majority of America’s farmers are aging fast, the country needs one million new farmers over the next 10 years to continue feeding itself.

Fortunately, the Cavalry is coming to the rescue — literally, from the Marines, Army, Air Force and National Guard.

With their physical conditioning and discipline, returning U.S. veterans are the ideal candidates to become the next generation of farmers to provide the nation with food security. Recognizing the connection between local food security and national security, these young men and women are forging a network in sustainable agriculture to benefit us all.

Veterans with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries, as well as other physical and emotional wounds of war, often find it difficult to reintegrate back into a traditional job and daily routine. Through sustainable farming, veterans are able to heal from these wounds through working on the land, creating a nurturing life, and finding a support system of other veteran farmers.

“As a combat veteran, I was involved in a lot of destruction. “ says Mike, a former Marine. “Shifting from that to growing something, seeing something thrive, does something on a very deep spiritual level.”

young-farmer-former-soldier-with-tractor-GroundOperationsThrough a compelling award-winning 40-minute film, along with a social action campaign, an organization called Ground Operations is on a mission to reach returning war veterans to plant the seed about a sustainable farming career, and then to connect them with the training, resources, and programs they need to be successful.

At least eleven states have veteran run farms and programs, like Sgt. Adam Burke’s organic blueberry farm in Florida.

Bleeding out from a mortar hit in Iraq, Adam promised God that if he could live to see his family again, he would do something to make his life worth saving. Two years later he started the Veterans Farm in Jacksonville, a place of emotional solace and job training for disabled vets like himself.

black-veteran-farming-lettuce-GroundOperations“Teach these guys how to farm, they can have sustainable lives with sustainable agriculture,” he says in the film, Battlefields to Farmfields.

You can support the Ground Operation mission right now by either widely sharing the two-minute video or buying the full 40-minute film on DVD for $20. You can also make a donation or  host a screening at your church or community center and the website offers a guide for event planning.

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