Yesterday was such a beautiful day, similar to the sad day of 9/11. A great perfect blue sky with not a cloud in it. But as I am on my way home from work, this is what I saw. Do other people see this, and pay attention, I think not. Why, because a colleague from work, casually said hello when I was taking the picture, and never questioned what I was taking a picture of. This is right in everyones face, and no one sees it.

I was alone at the beach once, my eyes shut catching the rays. When I opened them after a restful sleep, I saw the crisscross of lines in the sky. It took about 40 minutes for this to happen, for thats how long I slept. I wanted to jump up and scream to everyone, do you see what they are f@cking spraying in our skies? I didn’t have the nerve, and I was alone, and God knows someone with a cellphone would have made a call for the police to bring that nice white jacket with the straps on it.

I don’t know how many people I talk to, and point this out, only to see a person with the face similar to that of a deer with headlights. When I am down at Ground Zero on Saturdays, and I see them spraying, I will also point it out to people I am having a conversation with. I gently try to wake people up about 9/11, and give them a visual dose, and explanation of Chemtrails. I wonder if people will finally get it.

You can see more of my photos of Chemtrails, alone with photos of We Are Change. Just drag down the page of this website until you see the icon on the right with a picture of the Liberties holding the “9/11 Was an Inside Job” banner, and click on the icon. I have been taking pictures of both for many years, and you are welcome to download them.

Tops on my list of waking people up with is 9/11, then Chemtrails, then Fluoride in our water.  What gets me crazy about Chemtrails, is that it is right in everyones face. These are not contrails. This is a chemical aerosol being sprayed in our atmosphere throughout the world. This needs to be exposed so we can find out its true purpose. This photo is a small indication of Chemtrails, and not as dramatic  as others. Why is a small spraying like this done? What is the true purpose?

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