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Cynthia McKinney Target of Assassination Plot

Why is the FBI calling me? What in the world would the FBI want with me?  First of all, at 4:56 pm today they called me at my mother’s home while I was there, so I was able to speak with them.  Then, I was told that the four men indicated in the story below, that broke in the metro Atlanta news today, had listed me as a target for assassination. Let me be clear:  I am not afraid of these men listed below.  I do, however, have concerns about the activities of the FBI that had on its...

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Occupy Wall Street…… What’s Next?

Scott Star We Are Change Occupy Wall Street has produced so many positive things. It has joined people together, to moved them out onto the street, voicing their opinions. It has gone worldwide, with a focus on greed, which we can all feel and see, and have many ways to expressing its cause and effect. I will keep my thoughts simple. People have realized that moral values must change. The road we are on is not sustainable. This machine must be stopped. I will use the word machine to describe the many faceted structures which we find our world...

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Sometimes simple words carry more weight, as John Paul has shown. There are so many things to be sorry about, and to ask for FORGIVENESS. We got to a fork in the road. Most took the road of yielding to the conspiracy theory of our government. A few took the opposite road, and questioned. Forgive us all for not being able to return to the fork in the road, and determine which road is...

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Paul Craig Roberts on the 9/11 10th Anniversary

This week GRTV talks to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary Treasury, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, author and researcher, about the significance of 9/11 on the brink of the tenth anniversary of those events. We discuss the many points at which the official explanation of 9/11 do not mesh with the available evidence, the many experts who have raised their voices in dissent (and been silenced), and what our response to 9/11 teaches us about where we are heading as a...

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9/11 Tenth Anniversary: The Focus is Sunday! Come out of the Proverbial Closet.

For We Are Change, the focus is Ground Zero on Sunday. Again, this is the last time until 2016 that the 9/11 Anniversary falls on a weekend. Be with like-minded people. I can tell you from my past experiences, it’s great to be with, and talk to so many different people, and some from all over the world. Every year I meet new friends, and see terrific old friends from past events. If this is your first time, I can tell you that you won’t regret it. It’s so easy to start a conversation with anyone that you see with a sign, a shirt, or a pin, expressing 9/11, and all the feelings we have about the lies and unanswered questions. Be with First Responders who are not invited to the Memorial Services because there is not enough room. Show your support for them and the Victim Family Members. You don’t have to be an artist to make a sign, or a tee shirt. A simple question mark with 9/11 underneath it is perfect. All you need is a black permanent marker, a board, or white tee shirt, and you are all set. If you want a lower profile, that’s fine too. Just stand and be counted, so that we can show our numbers. This is why I implore you to be there Sunday at Ground Zero. Don’t be...

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9/11 Tenth Anniversary Ground Zero NYC “Come out, come out, where ever you are”

Stand with us at Ground Zero NYC this Sunday, to show our numbers. It will not fall on a weekend again for another five years until 2016. That’s why it is so important to come out, stand, show how many people still have unanswered questions, and have heard too many lies. Stand with like minded people who want to know the truth. You cannot have change until people realize there is a problem. Let’s make a massive showing. This will be a peaceful showing of numbers. After ten years, there is no need to debate. It’s time to just tell people to do there own research. Our numbers could be the force to inspire people. Let’s do it, and let’s to it this year! See you...

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9/11 By Our Numbers, No Distractions

I can remember reading and hearing that there are things out there made to distraction us. That all these distractions were put in front of us for a reason; to avoid the real issues. As we grow near to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, it seems to me that there are many distractions, to limit attention.  We all have busy lives, and find it hard to get through our day by day events. Not only is this an important year for a 9/11 Anniversary, but it also falls on a good day to make it easier for people to come to New York’s Ground Zero. Sunday is the day, leaving Saturday for travel. Next year it’s Tuesday. If we don’t make this year a big one, I don’t think it will occur next year, or the year after that. That’s why I implore people to come to Ground Zero on Sunday. Show our numbers to express that we still hold issues with 9/11, and have many questions that have not been answered or addressed. This year there is no need to debate the issue, it’s more important to bring to light that there are so many people who disagree with the conspiracy that was put forth by the Government and the Main Stream Media. The hour is getting late, and it’s too late to debate. It’s time for people...

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9/11, Ten Years

Questions, questions, questions that still after ten years is unanswered. This is a problem, that people are still unaware of. To paraphrase what Dan Dicks from Press For Truth, an alternative media group based in Toronto said in one of his films; in order for change to come, people must first realize there is a problem. The ten-year anniversary for 9/11 is coming up soon. I am sure everyone is wondering what are the plans. They will form in time as in previous years, but here are some important points. The anniversary is on Sunday, leaving Saturday to travel, so if you could not get time off, you could still make it. Next year 9/11 falls on a Tuesday. That’s why I feel it is so important to show our numbers for Sunday in whatever is planned. This is the tenth-year anniversary, if we don’t do it now it may not be done on the eleventh, twelfth, or thirteenth anniversary. Since it is on a Sunday, I would highly recommend things be very peaceful, and simple. So let’s show people there is a problem with unanswered questions, by strength, in our numbers at Ground Zero on Sunday. Come to NYC for the tenth-year anniversary, I would love to get the best photographs ever! Scott WAC...

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Chemtrail with a circle

I was amazed to see the video by Federal Jack of the circle with Chemtrails. The reason being, I just return from Northern California and viewed the same thing. This was a photograph that I took while the skies were being sprayed. The photograph was not enhanced, and was just processed as I remember seeing it. I will be 58 years old this July, and I have never in my life saw anything like this. I am familiar with photographing the lines, but never have I seen or captured a circle with the trails. This morning the skies over...

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