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Occupy Wall Street…… What’s Next?

Scott Star We Are Change Occupy Wall Street has produced so many positive things. It has joined people together, to moved them out onto the street, voicing their opinions. It has gone worldwide, with a focus on greed, which we...

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Sometimes simple words carry more weight, as John Paul has shown. There are so many things to be sorry about, and to ask for FORGIVENESS. We got to a fork in the road. Most took the road of yielding to the conspiracy theory of...

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9/11 By Our Numbers, No Distractions

I can remember reading and hearing that there are things out there made to distraction us. That all these distractions were put in front of us for a reason; to avoid the real issues. As we grow near to the 10th Anniversary of...

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9/11, Ten Years

Questions, questions, questions that still after ten years is unanswered. This is a problem, that people are still unaware of. To paraphrase what Dan Dicks from Press For Truth, an alternative media group based in Toronto said...

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Chemtrail with a circle

I was amazed to see the video by Federal Jack of the circle with Chemtrails. The reason being, I just return from Northern California and viewed the same thing. This was a photograph that I took...

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