They say the best way to judge a society is by how they treat those most in need.

Students at Parkway West High School and its community, located in the fairly affluent St. Louis, MO suburbs of West County, were tested of this when school custodian Ollie Caruthers found out he was stricken with cancer.

After hearing the news, several students banded together and collected donations during their lunch periods. Nothing could have prepared the longtime school custodian, whose wife is also reportedly very ill, for what would happen next.

As teachers caught wind of the students efforts, help was offered to create a crowdfunding page on the website Go Fund Me. Almostimmediately, Ollie’s story went viral and thousands of dollars in donations poured in.

On Monday, The school presented Ollie with a check for more than $33,000 – a sum roughly $6,000 greater than the average yearly salary for public school custodians such as Ollie ($12.80 per hour, or $26,620 per year).

News of student lead efforts like this one are great to see, but most interestingly, contradict recent reports that younger generations are growing up too self-absorbed.

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