One Saturday morning, Toronto resident Frantz St. Fleur was depositing a check at Scotiabank, his bank for almost a decade, when the police swooped in to arrest him. The check the Toronto man deposited was for $9,000.00, a refund for a deposit after a condo purchase he made in April fell through.

Reports state that when St. Fleur presented his check for deposit, a bank employee took him aside and showed him to her office. There she presented him with investment opportunities which St. Fleur declined because he was not in the market for such products. Shortly afterwards, the bank employee left the office and the police arrived, arresting St. Fleur.

The38-year-old Toronto man recounts the experience and remembers it as “the worst thing that has ever happened to me” and “horrible”. St. Fleur quotes, “I’ve never been arrested [in] my life. It was a Saturday morning; the bank was full and the mall also… Everybody was looking at me, and nothing was done quietly. Everybody saw everything that happened.”

Franz St. Fleur was interrogated but released on the spot after the police deemed the check valid. However, due to the emotional and psychological distress the event has caused him, St. Fleur is naming not only the bank, but also the Toronto Police Services Board and Re/Max Community Realty Inc., the issuer of the $9,000 check, as defendants. He is suing them for more than $225,000 in damages.

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