Media Roots Radio – Interview with Former Senator Mike Gravel by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTSMike Gravel is a former United States Senator from Alaska and a former candidate in the 2008 presidential election. As Senator, Gravel became nationally known for his attempts to end the draft during the Vietnam War and for putting the Pentagon Papers into the public record in 1971. He is an advocate of direct democracy and the National Initiative. In 2006, Gravel began a US presidential run  promote those ideas.

Gravel endorses the 9/11 Ballot Initiative movement across the country, saying the measure would create a “citizens commission rather than a government commission” with subpoena power against top U.S. officials to “make a true investigation as to what happened” regarding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Abby and Robbie Martin interview Gravel about his political history, the fair tax, his presidential candidacy, the 9/11 ballot initiative and what citizens can do to make direct change.

Find out more about Mike Gravel at his website

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