Following last night’s dreary acceptance speech from Joe Biden, who celebrated the Electoral College officially certifying his victory in the Nov. 3 election by warning yet again about the “long dark winter” ahead, GOP Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—who cagily encouraged Trump and his allies to raise questions and kick the tires, without embracing more combative rhetoric about a stolen election—has officially conceded that Biden is now “President-Elect”.

Following congratulations from Vladimir Putin earlier on Tuesday, McConnell said: “Our country has officially a President-elect & a Vice President-elect..The Electoral College has spoken…Today, I want to congratulate Pres-elect Joe Biden.”

It looks like McConnell, often credited as the architect of the GOP’s combative approach toward the Obama Administration, is now all about inter-party “unity”  now that his old buddy Joe Biden is in office.

Dems are of course complaining about how it took McConnell “more than a month” to acknowledge Biden’s victory.

Keep in mind, these are the same people who categorically dismissed every report and claim of voting-related irregularity and/or fraud without even stopping to look at the details.

But while Dems seize the opportunity to slam McConnell, the (sad) reality on the ground suggests they really should be celebrating. As Carl Quintanilla points out, “…Biden and McConnell have a real relationship—forged over the years as Senate colleagues and combatants. McConnell was the only Senate Republican to attend the funeral for Biden’s son beau in 2015…”

In other words, get ready for a Republican Party that’s suddenly all about “unity”—presumably so long as Biden keeps a lid on restive progressives like AOC.

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