by Josh Feldman

Author Naomi Wolf called the reporting on ISIS into serious question today, questioning where the records are of the hostages actually being captured and the fact that journalistic organizations are calling them “evil.”

First, she posted this Facebook post questioning those two points:

She says it’s wrong for news organizations to call ISIS “evil,” and suggests some kind of conspiracy might be in the works:

“It takes five people to stage an event like this — two to be ‘parents’ — two to pose for in a ninja outfit….and one to contact the media that does not bother checking who ANY Of these other four people are.”

Now, of course Wolf got some social media pushback for this, and she followed up with a post defending her position and insisting it’s not conspiratorial (as well as calling out the press for not looking into ISIS’ sources of funding):

She also wanted to make it clear she’s not calling the horrible nature of ISIS into question:

Sigh. As I gather my request below that we engage in actual journalism vis a vis reporting on ISIS, is being misinterpreted by some in the twittersphere as my ‘not thinking ISIS is bad…” (I can’t believe we have to be this dumb in our discourse but….) for the record, I think ISIS is super bad. Super super very bad. Okay? Obviously. Can we go back to adult discourse now?

And she followed this up with two additional posts:

[image via screengrab]

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