Less than two weeks ago MSNBC was banned from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial after James Morrison, an employee claiming to be a producer, was busted running a red light while tailing the jury van.

The network issued a carefully worded apology – that a ‘freelancer’ had simply ‘received a traffic citation’ and that he ‘never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations.”

We regret the incident and will fully cooperate with the authorities on any investigation.”

Now, police bodycam footage from the incident reveals that the network was doing exactly what we thought: spying on the jury.

Officer: Were you following a vehicle?

Morrison: I was trying to see – I was being called by New York, going, “maybe, we need to follow. I was tryin’ ta…

Officer: You were trying to what?

Morrison: Just do what they told me to do.

Officer: New York told you to follow a vehicle?

Morrison: Yes.

The video then fast forwards to Morrison handing his phone to the officer so he could speak with NBC News’ booking producer Irene Byon.

The officer asks Byon why the network ‘has a reporter following vehicles,’ to which she replies: “We, we, we were just trying to respectfully… just trying to see if it’s possible to, um, find any leads about, um, about the case, and so we were just keeping our distance just to see where people involved in the trial, um, are positioned. By no means are we trying to get in contact with any of the jury members or whoever’s in the car, we just were, um, trying to see where, um, where key players in the trial may be at.”

When the officer asks if she knew it was the jury, Byon replied: “We just have our people positioned in different areas of the courthouse to, um, to see if anyone like, um, would be able to, um, in different areas -”


Shortly after the call, Irene nuked her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

Earlier last month, a self-described ‘honorary nephew of George Floyd’ identified as Cortez Rice posted a disturbing video threatening to doxx Rittenhouse jurors if they don’t return a guilty verdict.

Surely the network can explain why this wasn’t jury intimidation…

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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