It’s not just our immune system that’s under attack.

You know we’re being told to stay inside and not get Vitamin D and not to take Vitamin C or other supplements.

But to keep shopping at Walmart and eating GMO foods and taking prescription drugs and to just wait for a vaccine to save us.

That’s all happening.

But simultaneously there’s another immune system under attack.

It’s our intellectual immune system.

By sheltering us from what you think are bad ideas (YouTube),

You are creating an immune response that will backfire and will create societal sickness.

In the video above, I expand on why our intellectual immune system is really important.

And how the mainstream media is complicit in suppressing it

Cause they want to protect the old guard and don’t want new ideas to spread.

I also talk about the ideas and information YouTube and the MSM are suppressing like:

– Governments openly trying to make viruses more deadly

– A leaked Pentagon memo showing vaccines won’t save us

– Bill Gates’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein

– Studies showing Vitamin D plays a crucial role in how your body handles the virus

Which makes you wonder why the government is putting such an emphasis on locking people inside their homes…

Support Free Speech

Since YouTube is trying to suppress your intellectual immune system

And because we are now totally demonetized

And obviously at risk of being deleted…

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