In this video we discuss information and the Chinese government. The government in China knows just how important information is and that’s why they’re engaged in an information war right now.

We discuss Hong Kong, the NBA, and South Park and how China’s tight grip of control doesn’t only manifest in China as a social credit score system, a surveillance state, and censorship — it also influences more than you think in the United States. 

And at the same time, an economic battle is unfolding between the technocratic state of China and the United States, two massive, artificially inflated economies that are as large as they are because of debt. Will it lead to a hot war?

In this video I reveal exactly what went down with the NBA and why they’re in hot water with China. I also reveal the ways in which Hollywood repeatedly bows down to China. 

As it turns out, South Park produced an ingenious episode on Chinese censorship in the United States. Unironically, the show is now blacklisted, censored, and banned from China’s internet as China attempts to erase in real time the things it doesn’t like.

And of course we discuss the many ways in which Trump is cracking down and blocking Chinese companies out of fear in the United States and how censorship isn’t unique to China.

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