It’s time I bust this cookie wiiiide open…

In the United States, the “Recession” is a concept that economists, politicians and news stations tend to discuss a lot.

Many people refer to “recession” as the reason why jobs are lost and why people go on unemployment.

The answer to the problem usually ends with:

“Government should create new jobs for people”.

Whenever this is the consensus, I get ready to run for the hills…

For anyone who has studied history (not in public education), this is how government ends up becoming “mega” government.

When taking action to protect financial assets, understanding the history of “government” can be useful and practical for diversification of assets outside of a nation’s currency.

However, “recession” usually affects employees… not entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a skill. It is resourcefulness, These skills can be applied toward prosperity regardless of economic circumstance.

Entrepreneurship is not dependent upon the amount of jobs available on indeed.com or monster.com.

The entrepreneurial path stands independent of salary, pensions, government or currency.

For every thought spent dwelling on the ongoing “recession”, this is one minute that could have been spent learning a new skill, writing your 1st ebook, reaching out to someone important, building a new type of business or reading a book.

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