On Thursday, four people were hit in a freak lightning strike while visiting Lafayette Park in Washington DC, located directly across from the White House. Three died.

For context, around 20 people are killed by lightning in the United States every year, making these three deaths (around 14% of the annual number) quite the freak accident, not to mention the weirdness of where they died.

Reuters, however, would like to sear global warming into the national psyche as the key takeaway.

The premise is based on a 2014 study, which [citing Reuters] “warned that the number of lightning strikes could increase by 50% in this century in the United States, with each 1 C (1.8 F) of warming translating into a 12% rise in the number of lightning strikes.” The author further notes that Alaska has seen a “17% rise in lightning activity since the cooler 1980s,” and “in typically dry California, a siege of some 14,000 lightning strikes during August 2020 sparked some of the state’s biggest wildfires on record.”

So – beware, because increased humidity due to global warming [for which the science behind its causes, and ability to change, is absolutely not settled, and which to ‘combat’ we need to abandon internal combustion engines, eat bugs, and jump onto an unstable electrical grid largely powered by fossil fuels] – is likely to result in more deadly lightning strikes, and therefore it’s your fault for not giving up your lifestyle for the cause (unlike climate hypocrites who galavant around the world in private jets and gross polluting yachts.)

Except… even if the global warming-induced lightning-pocalypse (that you should feel guilty for causing) happens, it seems that humans have figured out ways to avoid death from the electrical scourge.

The article was written by Reuters’ award winning climate czar, Gloria Dickie – to whose academic climate hammer, everything looks like a man-made nail.

Republished from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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