A customer wipes his feet on America’s flag as he enters a Moscow supermarket.


A Russian shopping mall in Moscow is using American flags as doormats in a bid to express anger over economic sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia.

The mall in central Moscow invites customers to wipe their feet at its entrance on doormats bearing the United States flag.

The mall’s workers said in a statement that the mats show their anti-US sentiments over Washington’s policy of fomenting “color” revolutions in former Soviet states such as Ukraine and spreading anti-Russian sentiment.

“Why do they burn our flags in Ukraine?” said a Russian resident.

“Why do they wipe their feet over us? The do wipe their feet over us, over our state. And can’t we wipe ours on doormats? Let us do it for God’s sake!” the resident added.

Relations between US and Russia have deteriorated over the crisis in Ukraine.

The US and its allies accuse Moscow of sending troops into eastern Ukraine in support of the pro-Russian forces. Russia, however, denies the accusation.

US President Barack Obama signed new Russian sanctions legislation into law last week.

The legislation authorizes the US to provide lethal aid to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons, ammunition, and “tactical troop-operated surveillance drones.”

Obama also imposed sanctions on companies and individuals operating in Crimea, which integrated into the Russian Federation earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said no country could “intimidate” or “isolate” Russia.

He called on Russians to be prepared to “go through certain difficulties and always give an adequate response to all the threats to its sovereignty, stability and the unity of society.”


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