A world-renowned Russian microbiologist claims Chinese scientists created SARS-CoV-2 in a Wuhan laboratory.

Will There Be Breadlines In America?

Today, Luke and Tim dive into a crisis in development. As millions of Americans are unemployed, industries like food processing are in need of workers.

Tim gets into the history of the Great Depression, the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and the Americans who are refusing to return to work because unemployment pays more than their jobs.

Will there be lines for bread and cheese in 21st century America? Time will tell, but what do you think?

You Wont Believe Who Is Behind An EU Perpetual Bonds Scheme.

Luke and Tim go over the latest economic news relating to the EU’s decision to issue perpetual bonds and what that really means for the average person’s liberty and freedom. The guys also get into a lot of geeky economic history, which is great!

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