Cassius Methyl

Scientists shockingly announced that they believe at least two planets exist beyond Pluto, and that they are larger than Earth.

What they call ‘Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects’ (ETNOs) were analyzed by scientists from the Complutense University of Madrid.

The orbits of the dwarf planets of our solar system were analyzed; most of these dwarf planets were discovered in the last decade, like Eris, Haumea, Makemake, to name a few.

Based on calculations observed from the gravitational pull of ETNOs in our solar system, these researchers have concluded that at least 2 other planets exist outside of Neptune’s orbit, probably more.

“This excess of objects with unexpected orbital parameters makes us believe that some invisible forces are altering the distribution of the orbital elements of the ETNOs, and we consider that the most probable explanation is that other unknown planets exist beyond Neptune and Pluto,” said the lead author of the study, Carlos de la Fuente Marcos.

“The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system,” he continued.

To read the full study and statement made by the author of this study, you can click the link here.

Please share this incredible news with as many people as possible and expect more perception shattering revelations as new discoveries are imminent; especially with the spacecraft New Horizons getting close to flying by Pluto.

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