What’s up everyone?

We recently changed servers to give us more flexibility and control over the content on the site, as well as clean it up a bit.  After many months of tweaking we finally launched it and much to our dismay and the sheer volume of traffic we received, our new web host disabled our account.  The second try took even more hard work, as we tried to reconfigure a backup onto another server, this time graciously donated by a We Are Change member.  Unfortunately, the donated server was performing too slow for what we needed.  Well, we finally found a solution, we invested in a powerful and reliable server and we have successfully migrated the new website(for the third time).

There are a lot of areas that still need to be updated, fixed and added onto.  We have a lot of things that have not even been implemented yet, but will be soon.  We wanted to get the site stable and then get the new content ready.

If you are a contributor and are wondering where your posts went, do not worry, we will be importing them and you will have your Author status once again.

Thanks for your patience!

We will have everything in working order by the end of the weekend.


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