It’s been over 48 hours since Joe Biden was declared in a consensus of US media networks the president-elect of the United States, and amid a flurry of congratulatory messages from world leaders, there remains deafening silence out of Russia and China.

The Kremlin indicated Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to actually wait until the results are certified by courts, which wouldn’t be until at least after Dec. 8, also determinant on legal challenges.

“Anticipating your possible question about Putin’s congratulations to the US president-elect, I want to say the following: we consider it proper to wait for the official results,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a press conference on Monday.

He further said Putin wishes to hold-off on any official pronouncements related to the next US president until results are official, as Politico summarized of his statements:

In his comments on Monday, Peskov cited “certain legal procedures” as the basis for Putin withholding his congratulations from Biden, unlike in 2016 when the Russian leader swiftly sent good wishes to Trump after his victory over Hillary Clinton.

“The difference is quite obvious,” Peskov said, according to Interfax. “You see that there are certain legal procedures ahead, which were announced by the incumbent president. This is the difference. Therefore, we consider it correct to wait for the official announcement.”

Peskov emphasized that “There are no official results yet.”

China meanwhile has taken a similar position, with its foreign ministry on Monday saying it had “taken note” of Biden’s declaration of victory yet President Xi will wait for “US laws and procedures” to finish before issuing a formal congratulations.

“I noticed that Mr Biden has declared victory of the election,” Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a daily briefing. “We understand that the presidential election result will be determined following US laws and procedures.”

However, during the 2016 election President Xi Jinping had sent Trump a formal message of congratulations by November 9.

Though Beijing officials are hoping for restoration of greater stability under a future Biden presidency, it’s not expected a new administration will “go soft” on China, thus Beijing is bracing for more tumultuous relations to come.

Additional countries like Mexico and Brazil have lately said they plan to hold off on issuing any messages to the Biden camp before results are made official.

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