Election day didn’t go your way? Or it won’t even matter cause you’re disenfranchised and pissed off at the entire system?

Don’t worry! We have a one-of-a-kind way for you to de-stress. It’s legal and it doesn’t involve any rioting or even protesting.

Look, meditation and yoga are not for everyone. I like my crystals, but flamethrowers are much more fun. So if you’re looking to blow off steam after Election Day and de-stress yourself from an absurd 2020, we’ve got the way for you to do it.

On  Saturday November 7, 2020, near Concord, New Hampshire we will be firing a flamethrower and smashing up a car, a watermelon, a pumpkin or almost anything you want to destroy.

* feel free to bring whatever you want to smash, burn or shoot *

We will also light up elite pedophile scarecrows. Yes, really! We have those too.


The demolition of edible products will take place in a separate area from the car demolition. Pigs will be let in to eat the smashed watermelons and pumpkins and maybe more.

The flamethrower will be used on farmland for farming and preservation purposes.


The November 7 event will also include range time (shooting firearms),

This is NOT self-defense training. Rather, this is extreme, fun de-stressing.

Both events will be conducted at the same place in New Hampshire where we recently held apocalypse survival trainings. You will learn the exact location after purchasing your ticket.

Speaking of those survival trainings, participants have been very happy with them:

For instance, Joe called our last training “a genuinely transformational experience.”

Previously Keith said, “The training is fun and awesome as well as a great way to meet like minded people from all over.”

And George said, “The whole experience was well worth it!”


If you want to secure your chance to legally and safely fire a flamethrower and smash sh*t up while saying F*** the election/results and F*** 2020,

You can reserve your spot now at the November 7 event for JUST $200. with the group discount of $150


Again, the November 7 bash will include range time, while the November 4 one will not.

You do NOT need to have completed any of our survival trainings to attend this post-election bash. But if you have, you will receive a discount.

If you completed any of our survival and self-defense trainings and/or contributed to the Go Fund Me campaign for my Escape The Big City Venture, you will get a 33% discount for the November 4 event (Pay JUST $100).


You will get a 38% discount for the November 7 event (Pay JUST $125).

If you’re eligible for one of these discounts, you will receive a refund for the discounted portion of your admission ticket on site.


We have limited availability for this exclusive and extremely fun and cathartic post-election bash. Reserve your spot now and ensure your participation by paying by PayPal or Bitcoin.

Bitcoin – 3F5s7fRgAQpvxMrRFhqzpfK3LYDKJZrRc9 *please put your email in memo so we can message you details

We also take Gold, Silver and Bullets as payment. More info about these options is available by emailing [email protected]

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