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I wanted to preface this article with a video showing you how a police officer physically assaulted me. The reason for this is because we’re about to get into a crucial topic about everything that’s happening behind the scenes in the upsurge of violence that we see on the streets in the United States. We investigate governments manufactured hate crisis.

This video took place during Occupy Wall Street protests where my friends and I thought we saw a police officer dressed up as an Anti-Fa. We began filming him, and then he jumped over a barricade and punched me because I was filming him.

I know he was a police officer because I chased him down the street screaming at police officers to arrest the man who just physically punched me.

“This man just assaulted me can you guys please take care of him. Just assaulted me I have it on video. Guys this guy just assaulted me.” To which no surprise to me at all the police officers just let him go. I didn’t stop and followed this man for a block and a half with other police officers letting him go away until he went behind police lines to fully avoid me. I also saw the same man later that night at the protest and confronted him again. This time he had to run into a police vehicle to escape me.

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is that I saw an old 1969 COINTELPRO document that was declassified it specified how the US government needed to exacerbate racial tensions on purpose. All of this was done to weaken the anti-war movement. You can see the document in full which will be in the description below. Does that remind you of anything that could be possibly happening today?

Now follow with me on this the official COINTELPRO program that was this instituted by the FBI used many dirty tricks to undermine progressive movements. The FBI planted false media stories, published bogus leaflets, and other publications in the name of a targeted group. They also forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls and they spread misinformation about meetings and events and set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents. The FBI also manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists.

They used bad jacketing to create suspicion about targeted activists sometimes with lethal consequences. There was illegal break-ins, vandalism, assaults beatings, and assassinations. All of this being conducted officially by the FBI to go up against protest movements. It’s well-documented that the NYPD has agent provocateurs police officers dressed up as activists during Occupy Wall Street to incite violence. This is why I looked for agent provocateurs and police officers dressed up as anti-Fa members in New York City. I knew what they were up to and because of that, I had to face repercussions from the NYPD. They beat the crap out of me on the number of instances knowing who I was and unsuccessfully failed to deter us from actually continuing to do this essential job.

We even have a whole playlist on our YouTube channel of all the things we have to go through because we were uncovering these agent provocateurs. It will also be linked in the description below so you can see it for yourself. The reasons I’m bringing all this up is to expose to you how COINTELPRO 2.0 is alive and well in the United States right now. It’s being used against all of us during Donald Trump’s inauguration. DC police infiltrated the anti-Fa group, and in many instances, the police are not only infiltrated them but helped cause the violence at these events. This has been documented time and time again.

Just like in Montreal when peaceful protesters tried to stop two masked men from throwing rocks and inciting violence with the police. These people were caught by peaceful activists with rocks in their hands when they were inciting violence to which the police department had to respond and of course denied that they were even involved.

Then later on when the dust settled did they finally admit that they were police officers who were instigating the violence. This occurred a few years ago, and the police have gotten a lot smarter than before. In this picture, you could even see the agent provocateurs having the same shoes as the riot police.


Obviously, the tactics by the police and the establishment and government have become more sophisticated and a lot more intelligent. After these obvious blunders that they made but we have to understand that this is continuing to happen. We are learning from the Toronto G20 where the police engaged in purposeful provocation as undercover agents.

This is bigger than just the left-right paradigm, larger than the alt-left or the alt-right because people are targeted on both political spectrums. It’s all a strategy to divide and conquer everyone as we just learned about an event a few days ago.

In this event, the FBI heroically stopped a plot by a far right-wing activist to blow up buildings in Oklahoma. They failed to tell you that the suspect is mentally ill man that was entrapped by the FBI. A man who was incapable of daily functions because of his mental disorder. The FBI went behind the parent’s backs. They used this man and pushed him towards more extremist views.

The FBI agents have even gone as far as to set up their own phony white supremacist gang. They not only infiltrated far-right causes but are also running them. The US government has never stopped inciting violence and extremist views on the left and right since 1969. This is a program that continues. When these two groups finally meet on the streets of the United States, the police stand down, and they allow the situation to become very violent. They fail to do their jobs and allow the violence to increase to the point where we now we have people dying in the streets.

I have seen this many times not only in Berkeley but all over the country where the police run away. They stand down and allow violence to escalate.

That’s exactly what we saw in Charlottesville. Charlottesville was only the beginning as we see violence increase throughout the country.

To the point where people are beating each other up for no reason at all and even occasionally assaulting individuals on their side.

The recent clashes in Boston and Berkeley have shown that the left and anti-Fa lose the optics game. They’re being disavowed by the Washington Post, MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Bloomberg, and others. To the point where the same repressive reciprocal actions that they used against the right will shortly be used against them. Which will just continue and perpetuate the cycle of violence, hate, radicalization, and extremism. Creating a situation which will hurt all of us.

When the average American sees this violence escalating on both sides, they will normally ask for a police state to stop it. That’s exactly what we see with Congress just quietly passing a that allows warrantless searches in some U.S. States.

We are seeing Trump moving to fully militarized police forces all across the country. He is rolling back Obama era restrictions on providing military gear for police departments. Sadly most Americans do support this. That’s only one aspect of an encroaching police state that is using these incidences to usurp our power and control and give it over to the government.

We see more restrictive laws put in place, further censorship of online content, both on the left and the right. Sadly the majority of the public are not only being manipulated into believing that this is good but they’re also pushing for it.

The whole situation from my point of view is engineered against us. Sadly there are very few rational voices exposing this problem-reaction-solution plot that’s happening against all of us. Both the mainstream media and alternative are a big part of that. I believe that the media are the main ones at fault here.

The biggest currency online right now is not Bitcoin. It’s victimization that’s being used by both sides of the spectrum to push people against each other. To further divide and conquer us. People are so hungry for victimhood that they’re even lying about it like this man who claimed he was stabbed after being mistaken for a Nazi. He was just caught lying and making the whole story up.

Then there is this Muslim woman who made up a New York City Subway hate attack by supposed to Trump fans. It turns out that it was made up and it never happened.

This Jewish man who was arrested for a series of anti-semitic phone calls and graffiti all over New York City.

There is an agenda here that you need to be aware of. We just witnessed Salon.com openly hope for a civil war, not just call for one, but hoping for one. Telling you that you need to pick a side.

We’ve seen countless race baiting misinformation, and you need to realize this is not an accident it’s a two-pronged problem. One is a financial incentive with outrage that makes you click and the second one is an even more sinister.

We learned from other declassified US government documents of a program called Operation Mockingbird that was declassified. It shows how US intelligence agencies had full control of the US mainstream media. They even had executives at these media institutions and CIA journalists writing fake news for a bigger political agenda. This is what has happened in the United States, and it has not stopped. The US government just last year legalized operation Mockingbird where now the FBI can legally impersonate the media.

We found out from other brave journalists about how the CIA would come to them with written articles telling them to publish them or face repercussions. While the establishment media is helping the government polarized situations by dividing people on race, sex, class, and anything else they can make up. It’s people like myself and other alternative media including Ron Paul former congressman and presidential candidate who are now censored online.

The same people who created this problem, so that the American public would ask for a solution from, are the same ones who are making those that disagree with the status quo “hate speech”.

This is a multi-pronged attack that goes after free speech and freedom of expression.

We’re seeing elected officials in this country calling for the shut down of events. We need to realize that the people are calling for this censorship, for new laws. Those wanting people silenced will eventually be silenced themselves by those very same laws. While government agencies infiltrate and incite violence on both the left and the right the mainstream media continues doing their bidding. They use psychological warfare to divide us and radicalize issues. They spread more extremist ideologies that all lead to further violence.

The real problems in this country like the war on the middle class, the destruction of our food and water supply, foreign wars, the increase in power for corporations and governments and the censorship of real alternative independent media are the issues that are never dealt with or rectified. People are being engineered to argue about statues, please don’t be a dumbass. Don’t allow fear to rule you, do not be intimidated, do not be distracted, and do not be divided. The answer and solutions are within all of us and realizing this is happening as the first step to walking away from it.

So if you found this video relevant please share it with your friends and family members and remember we have more things in common than divide us.

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