The majority of people are being emotionally manipulated and played like a fiddle by none other than corporate mainstream media that do the bidding of the corporate political elite. If you’re here, chances are you already know that. But it’s a truth that cannot be repeated enough. 

In this video, we take a look at a recent and very obvious example of a controlled narrative in the news right now. The media really has a disturbing amount of power and influence that allows them to essentially decide what is right and what is wrong, often at the behest of special interests

Also in this video, we talk about the power of the people, specifically all of the current protest movements that are being ignored by the media, because the people with power don’t want you to know about people power. They don’t want you to know that you have power

Right now there are major protests happening in Ecuador, in Iraq, in Haiti, in France (yes, still!), and in Hong Kong. Where is the mainstream coverage of these historical events? We barely hear a peep. 

In this video we talk about what the mainstream media is ignoring and why they’re doing it.

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