Do you suffer from this Number 1 condition?

Do you know what’s the biggest mental condition plaguing society?
That’s right.
It’s the derp state.
Ok, you want to know exactly what I mean by that.
Humans live in a derp state when they follow establishment programming.
Programming that gets you to believe drugs are health.
And debt is wealth.
And porn is…
Well you’re going to have to watch the video to pick up on that one.
In this walk and talk, I draw a parallel for you to the main character from Office Space – Milton.
Milton gets hypnotized to break away from societal programming.
And he stops being an establishment zombie.
If you find yourself stuck in derp state, you can break free just like Milton.
You don’t need to get hypnotized.
Just take time for yourself and travel and learn to live a life of purpose.
Which I explain how to do in today’s video.

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