Wanna know why I’m not fat?


Friend of We Are Change,

In today’s video, I take you to a place that sells food.

And I show you the selection inside.

You know what I do with the “food” at this Food Mart?

I don’t eat it.

Because this is the kind of food that is destroying people’s physical health.

And because what you put in your body matters…

And because health starts with the gut…

This food is also destroying your mental health and even spiritual health.

While you join me on this walk and talk, I explain what I’m doing beyond simply avoiding food that is really bad for you.

I get into intermittent fasting and what I do to hold myself accountable to my diet.

Plus I share with you my thoughts on capitalism as it relates to the food industry.

It’s my belief that as consumers we are either incentivizing good or incentivizing evil.

Watch the video above for my full explanation.

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