Donald Trump just made a stunning announcement. US troops will be leaving northern Syria. 

But, we must remember that what we’re being told and what is actually happening are probably two different things especially because US mainstream media usually supports perpetual war.

In this video, we are joined by special guest Josh Friedman to discuss whether this is happening because of greater geopolitical goals or whether this is merely a distraction because this isn’t the first time Trump has said he would bring troops home from Syria. 

We also discuss Trump’s recent phone call with Turkey’s president Erdo?an, the announcement that Turkey will be invading northern Syria, and the important questions that mainstream media isn’t asking. 

It is important to remember when consuming mainstream media that we’re also consuming something usually meant to push a certain agenda and that agenda usually belongs to the war hawks. 

This situation isn’t as straightforward or as black and white as the mainstream media wants you to believe.

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