The gloves are coming off. Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama are going at it.

Leaked audio has come out of Obama criticizing the Trump Administration — it’s not normal for the past president to be criticizing his successor.

Trump went on a tweet storm about Obamagate…

Which the mainstream media is calling a conspiracy theory.

In the video above, I go in depth into Michael Flynn, “Russian collusion” and Obama’s spying.

Since a lot of this is connected to Michael Flynn it’s important to know that what got him in trouble was actually listening to Jared Kushner who told him to contact the Russians to tell them to vote with Israel.

And it’s also important to know that Flynn exposed the Obama Administration for helping create ISIS…

And because of that, Obama could have a vendetta against him.

Plus Obama has a history of spying on both allies and enemies and he expanded the government’s ability to spy on everyone.

But is Trump right about all of his allegations against Obama?

Watch the whole video for my take, as well as a little rant about Bill Gates and how we’re heading toward a tyrannical system.

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