Friend of We Are Change,

Happy Mother’s Day…

And can you imagine being a mother being ripped away from her child and arrested for being out in public?

The direction the world is going is not good.

And now we literally have H.R. 6666, which was introduced on the occult day of May 1st.

Yes, that’s actually the number of this bill that calls for “testing, reaching and contacting everyone” and hiring disease investigators to come find you.

Track, trace and database is coming to the US in a much more scary, expansive way…

Or at least that’s what some politicians want.

They’re set on contact tracing even though it’s already too late.

But also in today’s video, I have a report for you put together by medical doctors who are recommending supplementation to boost your immune system in order to combat the virus.

This report documents some of the treatments that have been conducted. And the results. And it’s a very comprehensive guide, so I recommend you check it out.


Speaking of immune support…

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They’ve got immune support supplements that I like and use

As well as water filters, protective gear and hand sanitizer.

And their hand sanitizer  is made with colloidal silver, not with a bunch of harmful chemicals.

So get what you need now to keep yourself and those around you clean, healthy and happy without any government involvement.

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