One of America’s leading population control advocates denies holding a nasty Eugenics creed.

Compulsory abortion. Under-the-skin birth control implants. Government authorized reproduction. A Planetary Regime to regulate the population and ration food and resources. A sterilant added to water supplies or food staples. The expansion of mandatory family planning and population restrictions. An earth teetering on the edge of destruction. All of this and more is discussed frankly in the 1977 textbook, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment, written jointly by John P. Holdren, Paul Ehrlich and his wife Anne Ehrlich.

Tireless activist Luke Rudkowski, founder of, confronted John P. Holdren, the top science advisor in the White House, about some of those statements as they appear in that tract during a Q and A session.

From the podium, Holdren cuts off the question, saying, “I beg your pardon, I did not advocate any of that… I never held those beliefs. The book in question described in a chapter surveying all the things that had been suggested, those kinds of suggestions included. They were abhorrent and would never be embraced, should not be embraced. I’m kind of tired of that question. Folks should go back and look at that book.”

Holdren is partially justified in claiming that his book’s chapter is simply surveying other beliefs, but his claim of being separate from such thinking is ludicrous. Ecoscience contains a veritable anthology of the major population control efforts of the 20th Century, including radical plans for depopulation, often controversial contraceptive innovations, thorough efforts at instituting “family planning” programs in developing countries through United Nations and private philanthropic guidance and demands to curtail consumption and limit resources.

John P. Holdren, current White House “Science Czar” (technically the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy), has been a prominent figure in the larger Eugenics movement, dealing in population, environment and climate change matters, for most of his life.

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