Born-again realist and HBO show host Bill Maher said Twitter “failed” by setting itself up “as the judge of what can go out there” and censoring media outlets for even mentioning Hunter Biden’s emails and or COVID-19 origins.

Maher has transitioned from a liberal groupthink mouthpiece to an independent thinker. On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” starring himself, he told former Democratic Senator Doug Jones of Alabama and MSNBC’s Ali Velshi about the failures of Twitter and how the social media platform “needs a new sheriff.”

“The argument to me is like … has Twitter failed in setting themselves up in the past as the judge of what can go out there?

“And I would say yes, you have. You failed when you threw The New York Post off of Twitter for talking about Hunter Biden’s emails and it turned out that was a real story.

“You failed. When you said we couldn’t read whether COVID had come from a lab. You failed. 

“Did you read about this Babylon Bee? … They got flagged for posting a funny video this is funny to them, okay. ‘Sensitive content’ Twitter said, in the video, they were making fun of Twitter for being too sensitive. … And the fact that they [Twitter] flagged this for being insensitive shows their complete lack of self-awareness about what their own problem is — and if that’s where the line is — you have failed Twiter. You do need a new sheriff.” 

Blue-check-marks listening to Maher’s show last night probably had panic attacks and or AOC-style meltdowns.

Maher recently notedIt’s not me who changed — it’s the left, who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental.” 

Maher’s reference to a “new sheriff” is Elon Musk, who just struck a deal to purchase Twitter. Even Musk, who once was considered on the left side of the spectrum, tweeted how his political attitudes have shifted over the last decade.

Musk tweeted Friday, “the far left hates everyone, themselves included!” adding, “But I’m no fan of the far-right either. Let’s have less hate and more love.”

Twitter has become an echo chamber and safe space for liberal elites that censor anyone with opposing views. Musk has expressed “no confidence” in Twitter’s current management and could ax their chief censoring officer and chief executive officer.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration realizes Musk’s move to purchase Twitter could disintegrate their ability with big-tech to censor opposing views. So in response, the administration created a dystopic ministry of truth to battle ‘disinformation.’

Watch the interview:

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