There are initial unconfirmed reports that at least twenty U.S. armored vehicles and an unknown number of troops are amassing in Jordan to invade Syria according to several prominent Syrian social media accounts. Since the Trump administration now reportedly has a policy of not informing the public about the number of troops in Iraq and Syria, it is difficult to confirm reports about the movement of troops in Syria.

According to the editor in chief of Al-Masdar a Syrian news agency the activity is normal and should not cause alarm.

According to multiple reports, there were 400 troops sent into Syria in early March. These armored vehicles, then, should be expected to be used as support for these troops, and however many others are in the country.

A massive explosion took place at the Jordanian border crossing in Dara’a tonight, as a car bomb was detonated at a local checkpoint near the Al-Rukban Refugee Camp according to the news agency.

At least 10 people were reportedly killed or wounded by the bombing according to local activist Syrian media Al-Masdar reported.

Intense clashes then broke out between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and an unknown militant group that is suspected to be comprised of Islamic State (ISIL) members in southern Syria.

A reporter has alleged a soldier from Regiment 54 said that “his unit targeted a U.S. reconnaissance plane flying over their base in Al-Qamishli.”

If reports are true, this action comes after President Donald Trump met with King Abdullah.

(This Is A Developing Story Check Back For Updates)




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