Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus press conference on Tuesday focused almost entirely on last night’s riots, as looters and criminals, emboldened by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s refusal to call in the heavies, ransacked luxury goods stores down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, and caused chaos across the city.

During the briefing, the governor said that neither Mayor de Blasio nor the NYPD did their job last night. Cuomo said he offered to send in the national guard to de Blasio and all other mayors in the state, but the mayor said the city could handle it. He also said he offered to send in state police backup, but de Blasio – fearing being labeled as a “facist” by some idiot with a rose-emoji in his or her twitter profile – again demurred.

Cuomo added that he believed the mayor “underestimated” the problem, and that the looting needs to stop “today.” Cuomo added that he has the option to “displaced” the mayor and send in the national guard, but said he has been reluctant to take this option, saying it would introduce “a chaotic situation” within “a chaotic situation.”

“You would have to take over the mayor’s job. You would have to displace the mayor. A) I don’t think we’re at that point. B) that would be such a chaotic situation, in the midst of an already chaotic situation.”

After setting a useless 11pm curfew last night, de Blasio moved the curfew to 8pm on Tuesday following the previous night’s incidents, claiming “our first priority is to keep people safe, so I’m extending the curfew to Tuesday.”

Cuomo also took a shot at Trump, both during his briefing and in a tweet.

Leaders of NYPD police unions castigated the mayor for “abandoning” the city’s police.

President Trump, of course, responded by echoing Cuomo’s criticisms of de Blasio, but in typical Trump fashion.

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