The Urban Dictionary, which allows users to submit virtually any phrase with any definition, has removed a reference to “Blue Anon” – a new phrase mocking leftists for their belief in right-wing conspiracy theories, “such as the Russia Hoax, Jussie Smollett hoax, Ukraine hoax, Covington Kids hoax, and Brett Kavanaugh hoax.

The move comes just 24 hours after journalist Jack Posobiec pointed out the Blue Anon entry to his more than 1 million Twitter followers:

And now:

As the Post Millennial writes of Blue Anon:

The definition of “Blue Anon” is “a loosely organized network of Democrat [v]oters, politicians and media personalities who spread left-wing conspiracy theories.”

It goes on to say, “Blue Anon adherents fervently believe that right-wing extremists are going to storm Capitol Hill any day now and “remove” lawmakers from office, hence the need for the deployment of thousands of National Guard stationed at the US Capitol.”

And as journalist Ian Miles Cheong notes – as did we while researching for this report, Google appears to be censoring searches for Blue Anon.

Here’s a thread defining “Blue Anon” beliefs:

Click into @MaxNordau’s thread to read more.

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