Jonathan Benson
Natural News

Sending America’s military men and women directly to the front lines in West Africa apparently isn’t enough for the Ministry of Ebola Propaganda. The government reportedly also wants to take away our last line of defense here at home, the National Guard, and place them directly in harm’s way on the ground in the Ebola hot zone.

A local news affiliate in Ohio, for instance, reports that roughly 130 soldiers from a National Guard unit in Columbus will be deployed to West Africa in April, while the California Army National Guard has been told to mobilize its members for deployment. All across the country, in fact, National Guard units are reportedly being instructed to ready the troops to soon be deployed to West Africa.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked, Liberia and Sierra Leone aren’t part of the U.S. The National Guard, as its name implies, is for protecting our nation, not fulfilling the political agenda of a fear-induced invasion of diamond-and-oil-rich West Africa. And yet these faithful men and women who should be actively gutting D.C. of all the crime and treason taking place there will instead be expanding the American empire abroad.

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