Murphy’s Law strikes again…

The Universe was aligned just right so that the We Are Change website was knocked down for around 36 hours.  This was all due to the combination of a massive network meltdown during a routine server software update, yes, very bad timing.  But wait, that’s not all!  This all, of course, all happened as an apparent script kiddie was attempting to DDos the website, and just my luck, this all had to happen on the night before I was going to be away from a computer for three days.  Anyway, I noticed the problem early enough that I was equipped to tackle the issue while I was away and after many hours of blind troubleshooting with my hands tied, I, along with the help of the server tech support, were able to narrow down the problem and resolve it as quick as we could.


I just wanted to thank you for being patient and can gladly confirm that it was just a random mix of glitch’s in the Matrix.  You’d be surprised on how much it takes to run a website that gets as much traffic as We Are Change does.  There are thousands of complicated configuration settings and variables that need to be just right to ensure that the website is functional, secure and fast.  One wrong setting can cause crippling effects and send you down a rabbit hole of zeros, ones and a constant flood of coffee and e-mail.


Regardless, all of the time and work put into this website are, of course, gladly donated to benefit the greater good that We Are Change actively participates in.  We Are Change represents a bulletproof idea of being the change you wish to see in the world, that inspires so many all around the globe, including myself.  Unfortunately, there are costs that are unavoidable and necessary to keep this site operating correctly.  Please take a moment to check out the new items in the We Are Change Store, and if you like what you see, please make a purchase.  You can also make a Donation if you’d like to We Are Change.  Your purchase or contribution will both help fund what We Are Change is doing and will be a tremendous help to ensure that we are able to continue doing it for a long, long time.


Thanks again everybody!


-Your exhausted webmaster.

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