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Some topics are just too controversial for YouTube. Questioning specific stories like Parkland will now get you banned from the platform and channels are increasingly being taken down for content like what you are about to see. Our videos are being demonetized, and our live streaming abilities were recently cut by YouTube over a false accusation brought by CNN of copyright infringement.

What follows is a definitive citizen investigation into the events of Parkland, and it blows the lid off official accounts and media bias. This is exclusive to the DTube platform. This took Jason three weeks of grinding to put together so please re-steam and share it on your social media and please support We Are Change.

Jason examines how student Nikolas Cruz was able to become a school shooter in spite of multiple reports that he was a dangerous person from fellow students, family, and concerned citizens. Someone even contacted the FBI about Cruz in January and gave a detailed description of his erratic behavior. All of these reports seemingly went unheeded by the police. It is difficult to understand how a person like him was even able to own and acquire weapons. He was also reportedly getting counseling and was on psychotropic drugs.

Jason examines the official timeline and reports on how the official story has changed. There are inconsistencies in the arrest and the handling of the suspect. The school itself has a significant police presence which failed to do anything while the shooting is happening. There are multiple reported reasons for why this occurred.

Earlier that day the school had a fire drill which confused many students when the alarms went off a second time. There had been numerous drills in recent weeks and announcements about what to do in the event of a real shooting. Many students thought that it was just another drill. A teacher from the school Ernest Rospierski was told that morning that there would be a code-red drill later that day. He initially assumed the sounds of shooting was part of a drill.

Witnesses reported that the gunman was in full body armor and was wearing a mask, the police, however, deny this version of events. Could there have been multiple shooters as some students reported?

What we do know, is we don’t know the truth.

Watch the Video Here: DTube Exclusive

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