Can you believe Greta Thunberg is Time Person of the Year??

The MSM establishment picked her over the much more popular Hong Kong protesters.

And Greta hasn’t done squat to help the environment compared to YouTuber MrBeast.

He’s planting 20 million trees!

Speaking of YouTube…

Is it all over now because December 10 has passed?


But YouTube is deleting more and more popular videos and has just now announced new anti-free speech rules that I detail in today’s video.

You know who else is taking a stand against free speech?

Donald Trump.

Yes, Donald Trump.

I go over Trump’s anti-free speech executive order, plus Harvey Weinstein playing the victim, Virginia Roberts announcing she’s not suicidal and Jeffrey Epstein’s idea of using tech to impregnate 20 women at once! What?!

What really happened is all in the video above.

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