“Life And Death Of The Hegemony”

This is an original music video made by Kevin More, that has been subtitled in english. It provides a historical view of the battle for Hegemony and the chaos that it has been creating. Luke Rudkowski met Kevin during the monday demonstrations in Berlin and agreed to upload the music video on this channel.

To find out more about Kevin check out http://Kilezmore.com


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John Oliver Talks Milwaukee Bucks and Owners Blackmailing Cities into Building Extravagant Stadiums

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

On the recent “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” Oliver covers the issue of public funding of professional sports stadiums.

Oliver asks why local governments spend so much money subsidizing development initiatives for successful businesses owned by billionaires?

“The vast majority of stadiums are made using public money,” said Oliver, pointing to a 2012 report showing “$12 billion has been spent on the 51 new facilities opened between 2000 and 2010.”

“And most of them look like they were designed by a coked-up Willy Wonka,” said Oliver.

Oliver features the Milwaukee Bucks attempt to secure $250 million in public funding to build a new arena by 2017, and the threat of moving the franchise if not secured, a clip from our friend Ben Swann, and segment on the Miami Marlins which features an interview with Brian Gumbel asking, “who keeps all the revenue?”

The answer is simple, the owners.

Original article :


Royal Family May Be Investigated In Pedophile Inquiry

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with other members of the Royal Family for the Trooping the Colour ceremony. (L-R) Princess Beatrice, The Duke Of York, Prince William, The Queen, The Duke Of Edinburgh, The Prince Of Wales.

The British Royal Family – All Under the Scope

Source: The Telegraph

[WRC’s Luke Rudkowski has done extensive digging on this subject and his videos are at the end of this article – watch them and learn the truth.]

The child sex abuse inquiry is set to last five years and cost up to £100 million, it has been confirmed, as it emerged the Royal Household will not be exempt from scrutiny over paedophile allegations.

Justice Lowell Goddard, the New Zealand High Court judge appointed to oversee the official Government inquiry, pledged it will not hesitate to explore abuse in the “corridors of power in Westminster”.

The inquiry will also use its powers to make allegations against “named individuals” where necessary, she said.

A statement from the inquiry later confirmed the monarchy will be “potentially within the scope” of the hearings, following several allegations made in the last year involving the Royal Household.

“There is no limit on the types of institutions that fall within the terms of reference,” a spokesman said.

“The monarchy is an institution and it runs a number of institutions, all of which are potentially within the scope of the inquiry.”

Justice Goddard said: “We must travel from the corridors of power in Westminster to children’s homes in the poorest parts of the country, to hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, churches and charities.

“We must investigate local authorities, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the NHS, the media and the Armed forces.

“We must put difficult questions to politicians, bishops and other faith leaders, headteachers, police officers, regulators, inspectors and public officials of all kinds.

“We will carry on putting these questions until we get the answers.”

Continue reading

[As will WRC – videos below, share and enjoy the information cutting-edge, thank you!]

Greek banks won’t open, China stocks plunge and the Stock Exchange shuts down – what’s happening??


By Alec Cope
We Are Change

The New York Stock Exchange was shut down due to “technical difficulties“, China is mirroring the US stock crash of 1929 and Greeks banks won’t open for a week.

School Administrators to Monitor Students and Parents with Body Cameras

Photo: Burlington Community School District/Special to the Register

Photo: Burlington Community School District/Special to the Register

Source: The Des Moines Register

As police departments across the country adopt the use of body cameras, an Iowa school district is following suit — outfitting its principals and assistant principals with small, clip-on video cameras.

Burlington Community School District in southeastern Iowa is taking the unusual step of recording parent and student interactions with administrators — a move district officials say will protect both sides. (more…)

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