Canada cops unleash tear gas at close range on anti-austerity protesters in Quebec

Police unleash close-range tear gas in the faces of protesters, some of whom were caught near a scuffle outside the Candaian National Assembly building in Quebec City. The protesters had gathered to voice opposition to government austerity policies. (more…)

The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed

As GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to remember that the entire “free and open” internet as we know it is just a flick of a switch away from total censorship. From censorship “bibles” and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared? (more…)

How Hillary Clinton Is Responsible For Overthrowing Ukraine and The Possible War With Russia

In this video Luke Rudkowski does deep researching Hillary Clintons connection with her foundation CGI and the current pro western backed Ukrainian government. We get in the field accounts, videos and aerial footage of how Ukraine is no violating the cease fire after it was announced it will get lethal aid by the U.S. (more…)

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died”

Muammar Ghadafi was not a perfect leader and during his reign there was still unfair practice in Libya as well as corruption. However NATO/US forces have displaced Libya into a destabilized shell of what the country once was. As a matter of fact, Libya was considered the “Switzerland of Africa” before NATO came and installed a new government. Also some groups have suggested that NATO and the US be charged for war crimes because of the direct destabilization of the country. (more…)

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