Obama signs food stamp cuts into law



US President Barack Obama has signed a multi-year farm bill into law which would cut the food stamp program by about $9 billion over the next ten years.

Making an appearance at the Michigan State University on Friday, Obama signed into law the Agriculture Act of 2014 after it was passed by the US House of Representatives and the Senate.

The law would cut by about $900 million a year the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), on which almost 47 million Americans rely to afford food.

The cuts to food stamps were a compromise between nearly $40 billion in cuts to the program approved by the Republican-controlled House a $4 billion reduction approved by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

The SNAP underwent a $5 billion cut when a temporary increase in food stamp dollar expired on November 1.

A household of three lost $29 in food aid per month as a result of the cuts that left each person to spend an average of $1.40 per meal.

Food banks across the United States have already complained that they are facing an increase in the number of their visitors and have to turn people seeking help away because they do not have enough supplies.

“Devastating cuts to [the SNAP] have pushed thousands of low-income New Yorkers and emergency food providers to the very brink of survival,” Margarette Purvis, the president of the Food Bank for New York City, the largest food bank in the US, said in January.

American doctors have also warned that increased rates of diabetes and developmental problems for young children are among the health risks of hunger which would be a direct result of cutting funding for the food stamp program.

  • Erica Atkins

    They will give away free health care when u get disease by eating ramen noodles since you can’t afford REAL foods! Such ridiculousness Dont forget about Corporate welfare-!!

    • OrionElectra

      Plenty of jobs out there to supplement the welfare! You think our immigration problem exists because of a shortage of jobs?

      • boonethemoocherpogue

        No, I believe that it is the right for citizens that cannot better themselves to be taken care of nutritionally. Not because they deserve it, but because it is important to support healthy growth before poverty turns directly into crime. Just because you are a rich suburban community isolated from reality does not mean that the country’s financial problems are unreal. Saving the government money at the cost of food stamps, means that those citizens that cannot feed themselves will resolve themselves to commit crime and there will be more resources spent imprisoning people than just feeding them in the first place. #Republicanbulls

        • Hunter Lucas

          The real costs of this is not well understood by a good chunk of America. That makes me sad.

        • rich8ch

          Exactly but when they fuck with our SNAP benefits, it’s time to fight them back. Our tax dollars are going to war machines and cops. Seriously as emotional as I sound, I rely on SNAP benefits too! Fuck these people!

          • Megan Duncan

            Exactly how I feel about it. Our tax dollars go to every absurd thing they can think of, but they want to take away the one thing we have to ensure our survival after they have raped our pay checks and forced us into spending hundreds if not thousands on his damned ridiculous health care program. Its not that we are “poor” or “low” its that jobs do not pay what they should to ensure a person’s survival. If they really wanted to cut funding to something, they need to start cleaning their house. Like you said, spy equipment, drones, or how about those hideously expensive ball gowns his monkey keeps buying? We could certainly save some money if we took away their lavish getaways and shopping expenses. He is trying to make it seem as though he blames poor people for the country’s financial state so that the eye is taken off of him and his idiot family’s spending and put on the hard working man that is still unable to bring home the bacon. It is sickening.

    • Monica Meyer

      i feel that

  • Mr.Gee Marino

    The Son of a Bitch ought to sign a Bill ending Corporate Subdies, Tax Breaks and Bail Outs. He might try signing another bill to Tax the Churches, too… When the Sleazy politicians sell the people out in favor of Corporate Foreign and Special Interests, the Government is No Longer Legitimate.

    • Joanthan V

      Even if he wanted to, the republican majority wont let him. They have already stopped 90% of what he has tried to do.

  • Monica Meyer

    Yo Obama U can take n take from us and u may think u doin something good but u aint shyt, u puttin all of us in harm, ppl out here is starving due to changin shyt, stop changin shyt u stupid mofo,
    we dont need CHANGE NIGGA we need a president that gives a shyt,
    Noclue bro Noclue Get one nigga

  • TruthMakesPeace

    They cut food, but have plenty of billions for NSA spying, drones, robotic weapons, and wars.

    • Deacon_Sam1

      And tax breaks for rich investors

  • rich8ch

    He needs to go, SNAP is ours not theirs. It’s our tax dollars completely non appropriated. There aren’t jobs for everyone, cutting SNAP was a slap in the face of president who’s become a Corpowhore Rodent! Fuck him!

    It’s time people to march on Washington and revolt! That’s all, there’s no more talk! The best form of revolution in this country is for everyone to stop paying taxes!

  • TJ

    It’s not free money. We pay taxes and eat Ramen noodles because we can’t afford steak and dont qualify for food stamps. Why should you get steak?

    • TotakekeSlider

      You’re blaming the wrong group of people. It’s not the poor, who work hard and still can’t afford essentials like food, that should get the blame. It’s the wealthy, the bankers, and the politicians who are taking food out of everyone’s mouths that should draw your ire.

    • That Man

      uhh…spend your money more wisely. steak isn’t that expensive.

      • elbarriocool

        People on food stamps can’t afford staek dumb ass

  • Greg Burton

    Well, it was either…

    *Prosecute the bankers for the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams that impoverished the world, making homeless, hungry, beggars out of all of us.
    *Stop the Fed from fanning hyper-inflation (QE1, QE2, QE3, QE?) that will result in food riots, mass starvation.
    *Stop the looting, privatization of the world’s social safety net, public space, the commons, imposed “austerity” due to the toxic mortgage/LIBOR/Social Security rip-off scams.
    *Punish the banking cartel’s multi-billion dollar drug-money laundering operations.
    *Investigate and punish the Bush-CIA-mafia S&L pillage.
    *Investigate why jobs and manufacturing are being out-sourced to China, how China came to own most US debt that financed the US war against…China, why China (the oligarchy) is buying up US assets at fire sale prices, even as the US is threatening war against China as it threatens the US economy (national security).
    *Investigate why the US government won’t move heaven and earth to stop the radiation spewing from Fukushima, poisoning the US, the northern hemisphere, and investigate the connections between the Fukushima, Stuxnet, HAARP and nuke created earthquakes.
    *Investigate who was really behind 9/11, the false-flag terrorist attack that touched off the serial, never-ending wars of pillage against the nation-states of the world, creating the pretext for the massive police state edifice now threatening the freedoms of everyone.


    The US government…

    *Ends food stamps to the poor even though there are no jobs, no social safety net, which will result in the starvation of thousands of Americans.
    *Stands by while the unprosecuted banking and economic crisis destroys the ability of cities and towns to protect their own citizens, fund their police departments.
    *Confiscates the guns.
    *DHS buys billions bullets, while giving away “tanks” to US cities and towns.
    *Flys soon to be weaponized drones over everywhere.
    *Allows Israel, a foreign country to run US NSA spying out of Mormon (Freemason/occult) Utah.
    *Pre-positions military hardware in preparation for the coming US melt-down and chaos (COG).
    *Makes being elderly, homeless, jobless, disabled veteran, and hungry a crime (useless eaters).
    *Buys thousands of “FEMA coffins” in anticipation of US mass starvation.

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