5 Things Barack Obama Wants You To Forget About His Presidency

In this video, Luke addresses U.S President Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago and gives you context on his real legacy that you won’t hear anywhere else.

[Written by Rachel Blevins]

Here are the top 5 things Barack Obama wants you to forget about his presidency:

1. Obama’s War on Libya – Even BBC and The Atlantic have had to admit that this is Obama’s “worst mistake” during his time in office. But it is more sinister than just a simple mistake—this was not a well-meaning intervention that ended in failure.

Hillary Clinton took to the national stage to convince Americans that the U.S. needed to get involved with Libya’s civil conflict for “humanitarian purposes.” Yet the emails that were released from Clinton proved that this sentiment was an absolute lie. Instead, the U.S. interfered in Libya in order to overthrow its president, Muammar Gaddafi, who was creating a gold-backed currency that could have threatened the U.S. dollar.

The result? Libya is now a failed state that has turned into a hotbed for sectarian violence and radical Islamic terrorists.

2. Obama’s War on Due Process – Obama not only made it legal, he carried out a program that bypassed due process and assassinated U.S. citizens using drone strikes. He had a “kill list,” which included the names of American citizens.

Unfortunately, because so much of the program is kept secret, we have no way of knowing how many American citizens the Obama administration has killed over the last eight years.

The result? Donald Trump will now have the power to assassinate any American citizens.

3. Obama’s War on Syria – After destroying Libya, Obama set his sights on Syria where President Bashar al-Assad threatened the U.S. Petro dollar and did not agree on pipelines from Saudi Arabia bypassing Russia.

In 2013, the Obama administration again tried to convince Americans that the U.S. needed to solve a “humanitarian crisis” inside of Syria, and he went on to bomb the country relentlessly. The attempt to overthrow Assad met a major obstacle when Russia stepped in and threatened the U.S. Obama responded by creating a secret program supporting Syrian rebel groups with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.

The result? ISIS.

4. Obama’s war on journalists, whistleblowers and privacy – During his time in office, Obama spread a culture of fear and paranoia, not only expanding the surveillance state, but also declaring a war on journalists and whistleblowers.

As president of the United States, Obama has used the Espionage Act to persecute journalists and whistleblowers more than all previous presidents combined.

The result? Obama created a safe space for Trump to continue this war.

5. Obama’s War on Truth – Under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, Obama repealed a law banning U.S. propaganda from being used on American citizens. Because of this, it is now legal for the U.S. government to lie to its own people.

Under the 2017 NDAA, Obama approved a provision that allegedly seeks to to “counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States” by creating a government center to monitor content.

The result? Obama created a legal way to suppress free speech.

Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize. He came into power under the banner of Hope and Change. Meanwhile, he has bombed seven countries, dropping over 26,000 bombs in 2016 alone. His speech will not mention this. The mainstream media will work to suppress these important facts.

It is up to you to share this information, and to share the true legacy of President Obama.

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BREAKING: The Disgusting Act That Barack Obama Committed On Christmas

While no one was paying attention on Christmas, U.S President Barack Obama used this situation to pass a very controversial law in the 2017 NDAA. The Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act was signed into law by Barack Obama which many people say is the inception of the U.S military and governments own Ministry of Truth. To help fight for independent media and free speech support us on https://wearechange.org/donate/ and vote with your dollar as we are going through massive financial hits.

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Obama Urges Anti-Trump Protesters Not To Remain Silent


President Obama, speaking at a press conference in Germany, passed up the opportunity to tamp down the anti-Donald Trump protests back home — urging those taking part not to remain “silent.”

The president fielded a question on the protests during a joint news conference in Berlin alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests,” he answered. “So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.”

He added: “Voting matters, organizing matters and being informed on the issues matter.”

Protests have broken out in cities across the country since Trump’s upset victory last Tuesday. Some have been peaceful, but there have been incidents of violence — and a demonstration last Thursday in Portland escalated into a destructive riot.

The often-violent demonstrations against the election of Donald Trump have rocked a number of U.S. cities from coast to coast, some descending into such mob-driven mayhem that police labeled them riots.


So remember how Twitter kicked out Milo Yiannopolis for being mean and censored the hashtag #HillaryforPrison?

Social media giant Twitter allowed the violent threat “Rape Melania” against incoming First Lady Melania Trump to trend after the site exploded with assassination threats against President-elect Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump protesters in Washington, D.C., crossed the line when no one seemed offended that a man was holding a sign that read “RAPE MELANIA.”


So where’s the liberal outrage?

Where are the social justice warriors who scream about the so-called “rape culture” on America’s college campuses? Why hasn’t crusading feminist lawyer Gloria Allred called an emergency news conference to demand the perpetrator of this horrid hate speech be tracked down and thrown in jail?

And how in the name of all that’s good and decent can Twitter allow such a vile, disgusting hashtag about the incoming first lady of the United States to trend when it delisted others that were anti-Hillary Clinton?

The fact that #rapemelania is trending on twitter makes liberals and Hillary supporters look demented, hypocritical, & cruel. Inexcusable.

The protests and riots have caused millions of dollars in property damage and have resulted in innocent people getting brutally assaulted simply for supporting Trump.

In addition to the call for Melania Trump’s rape, there have been numerous death threats against President-elect Trump and widespread vandalism. That’s not “protesting.” That’s criminal activity.

Alice Donovan is an independent writer, blogger, meme maker and activist who has been published in different alternative media outlets including Veterans Today and CounterPunch. She now works as a freelance journalist for WeAreChange.org.

HISTORIC: U.S. Senate Overrules Obama Veto On 9/11 Bill 97-1

On Wednesday, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to override President Obama’s veto of the 9/11 bill Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), that allows victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia for it’s involvement in 9/11 and victims of terrorism in general to sue foreign sponsors of attacks.


This marks the first time in Obama’s presidency that the Senate has mustered enough votes to overrule one of Obama’s vetos, despite a number of unconstitutional bills crossing his desk since he took the office, including the NDAA and repeal of the Smith-Mundit Act which protected U.S. citizens against government sponsored propaganda.

Who was the single vote for keeping Obama’s veto you ask? None other then Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

The White House responded to the vote, calling it “embarrassing.”

“I would venture to say that this is the single most embarrassing thing that the United States Senate has done, possibly, since 1983.” – Obama spokesman Josh Earnest.

Obama warned in a letter to Senate leaders last week that if the bill were to pass it would allow not only victims of terrorism in the U.S. to sue foreign countries, but also allow foreign countries to sue the U.S. military, and intelligence agencies as well as possibly subject U.S. government assets to seizure.

“The consequences of JASTA could be devastating to the Department of Defense and its service members — and there is no doubt that the consequences could be equally significant for our foreign affairs and intelligence communities,” – Obama wrote.

In February, Secretary of State John Kerry warned the Senate that the bill would put America in legal jeopardy — if the U.S. weakens sovereign immunity provisions, other countries could do the same, opening the door to new lawsuits against America’s government, corporations, and citizens saying –

“The 9/11 bill would expose the United States of America to lawsuits and take away our sovereign immunity and create a terrible precedent.”
– John Kerry.

The bill’s passage stems from the release of the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report which shows Saudi Arabian ties to the 9/11 hijackers. If that’s not enough, there was a flight certificate of an Al-Qaeda operative Ghassan al Sharbi linked to 9/11 that turned up in an envelope from the Saudi embassy in Washington. This potentially implicated the Saudi bin Laden family, but it’s pretty hard to prosecute or investigate dead men/women that had a convenient plane crash and crane collapse a mere month later.

Another jailed Al-Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaou, testified that Saudi Royals funded 9/11 prior to the release of 9/11 commission report. While the King of Saudi Arabia has said that Mossad was responsible, it’s likely that both Saudi Arabia and Israeli Mossad were responsible for the sophisticated terror attack of 9/11 under the guise of the Zionist Khazarian Mafia elite – and no, this is not anti-Semitism, as not all of the Khazarian Mafia are Jewish, not all Zionist are Jews, and not all Jews are Zionists. This might explain the profits made on 9/11, unless Al-Qaeda trades on the stock market.

This marks the end of the cozy relationship of Saudi Arabia and U.S. relations. Watch as Saudi Arabia starts dumping U.S. bonds and causes an economic fallout. Additionally, this bill’s implications mean the U.S. could be sued for it’s controversial drone program overseas.

We will keep you updated on this and more. Stay tuned to We Are Change for breaking news.


I am an Activist a writer a blogger and an investigative journalist writing for (www.wearechange.org)

A Radio host of the Blog-talk Radio Series:

My Sources are everywhere..
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Too Little, Too Late: Bush/Obama In Louisiana

Because they are from different political parties, Barack Obama and George W. Bush are supposed to be complete opposites, right? Not quite.

Remember when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005? Over 1,200 people died and property damage was totaled at an estimated $108 Billion. Then-President Bush was heavily criticized for his lack of response, as he stayed on vacation while thousands of Americans endured unthinkable conditions.

So when massive flooding killed 13 people and damaged over 60,000 homes in Louisiana last week, and Obama responded by staying on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, it reminded a lot of people of Bush’s response. A response that Obama criticized when he was a senator in Illinois.

“Indeed, if there is any bright light that has come out of this disaster, it’s the degree to which ordinary Americans have responded with speed and determination, even as their government has responded with what I consider to be unconscionable ineptitude,” Obama said in 2005.

Now, after receiving criticism for his initial response, and after Donald Trump took the time to visit Louisiana, Obama announced that he intends to visit this week.

However, this situation is just the beginning of the many similarities between Obama and his predecessor. Obama may have criticized Bush when he was campaigning to take his place, but that didn’t stop him from following in the footsteps of Bush’s policies.

Let’s take a look at three times where Obama criticized Bush, and then went on to do the SAME thing once elected:


1. The National Debt – When President Bush was elected in 2001, the national debt was at over $5 Trillion, and by the time he left office in 2009, it was at over $10 trillion. When Obama was campaigning in 2008, he went as far as to call the Bush administration’s spending “unpatriotic.”

“Number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child,” Obama said in 2008. “That’s irresponsible. That’s unpatriotic.”

But what did Obama do when HE was the president? He outdid Bush by adding more to the national debt in a shorter time span than any other president with $4 trillion in just four years.

As Obama’s own 8-year term comes to a close, the country’s national debt currently stands at over $19 trillion.


2. Mass Surveillance – It seems almost comical to think of Obama rallying against mass surveillance now, but when he was campaigning against Bush, he was more than happy to point out the importance of constitutionally protected civil liberties.

“This administration acts like violating civil liberties is the way to enhance our security,” Obama said in 2007. “It is not. There are no shortcuts to protecting America.”

Yet since his election, Obama has done nothing to ensure that those civil liberties stay in tact. Instead, Bush’s Patriot Act was replaced with Obama’s USA Freedom Act, and the whistleblower responsible for revealing that the U.S. government is wiretapping innocent Americans, is wanted on Espionage charges.


3. Foreign Policy – Let’s face it, if we were going to talk about all of the ways Obama changed his tune on foreign policy after he was elected, we would be here all day. Drone strikes, Guantanamo Bay, torture, troops in the Middle East, the list goes on. But one of the biggest places where Obama criticized Bush in 2007 was by accusing him of pushing a war in the Middle East that the American people did not want.

“There are going to be some significant institutional issues in terms of ‘how do we constrain a president who is pursing what the vast majority of—not only the American, but also experts and military observers—consider to be a wrong-headed policy,’” Obama said in 2007.

Yet, here we are, nine years later, and we have a president who has consistently pushed foreign polices that have only led to endless war. Who is the president that has continued to arm Syrian rebels, even though there is proof that his programs have failed and the majority of the rebels go on to join ISIS? And who is the president who continues to seek the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, despite the fact that overthrowing dictators in the past has only led to the rise of groups like ISIS? That would be Obama.

These examples are important, not just because they show the glaring similarities between a Republican and a Democratic, but also because they serve as a reminder of the way that first Bush, and now Obama put both our civil liberties and the future of our country in jeopardy.

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Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

VIDEO: What You Need To Know About The TPP

What is the TPP, who supports it and why does it matter?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade deal between 12 Pacific Rim nations that make up 40 percent of the world’s economy. It includes the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru, while excluding countries such as China and Russia.

Some consumer groups have referred it to the TPP as “NAFTA on Steroids.”

The deal will set a new international standard for everything from employment, to food safety, to intellectual property regulations.While it has been in negotiations for several years, the full text of the TPP was kept secret up until last November.

President Obama has been a large proponent of the TPP during his time in office, claiming that it will create new jobs, strengthen U.S. leadership and keep China from controlling the global economy.

So, what do the 2016 presidential candidates think about this deal?

Donald Trump has been critical of the TPP, calling it a “job killer” and saying that it is supported by special interest groups who want to “rape our country.”

Bernie Sanders has rallied against the deal, questioning why the TPP is the answer, when past trade deals haven’t worked.

Green Party nominee Jill Stein is also against the TPP, and she pointed out one very important provision that would give global corporations the power to circumvent U.S. courts.

It’s called the Investor-State Dispute Settlement, or the ISDS, and it has also been criticized by organizations such as the Electronic Freedom Foundation and WikiLeaks. It creates a special court where corporations can sue states and receive taxpayer compensation for “expected future profits.”

So, who supports the TPP other than Obama?

Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson told Politico in June that he believes the TPP is “laden with crony capitalism.” He then added to his answer in July, telling CNN that from what he has heard, he would sign it.

Then there’s Hillary Clinton… She initially praised the TPP in 2012, calling it the “gold standard of trade agreements.” Then she changed her tune in 2015 and said that she could support the TPP in its current form.

Her current stance won’t be her final stance, according to Clinton’s longtime friend, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. He said at the DNC that while Clinton would like to change parts of the deal, she would end up supporting it. McAuliffe later said that he was wrong, and Clinton will always oppose the deal.

The interesting thing about Clinton’s change of heart is that her vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, also flip-flopped on the same issue. As a senator in Virginia, Kaine was one of 13 Senate Democrats to vote in favor of giving President “fast-track” authority on the TPP last year. However, after discussing the issue with Clinton, he now says he is against the deal in its current form.

Ultimately, the largest trade deal in history, which consists of over 5,500 pages, raises questions not just about who supports it, but about which countries it excluded and which freedoms it is giving away.


Follow Rachel Blevins on Facebook and Twitter.

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives.

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