Fill Up Once A Century With Thorium

Thorium the Next Super Fuel?

Charles Stevens, CEO and chairman of Connecticut-based Laser Power Systems (LPS), claims that one gram of thorium yields the energy of 7,500 gallons of gasoline. The energy is harnessed by heating the thorium with an external source, which then becomes so dense that it’s molecules emit heat.

Laser Power Systems is currently pioneering a car engine that would require only eight grams of thorium to power a vehicle for at least 100 years. The process works by a laser that heats water, which then produces steam and powers a mini-turbine.

LPS is planning to mass-produce this engine and many more types of thorium generators for a wide array of applications. Thorium was recently explored in 2009 when Loren Kulesus designed the Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept Car.

Thorium is one of the densest elements known, slightly radioactive, three times more abundant than uranium, and occurs naturally in soil by at least six parts per million.

Uranium was preferred to thorium by the United States and Soviet Union in the mid-20th century because it was easier to weaponize. The Department of Energy stated that early nuclear research was focused on the development of military weapon systems. Only later on was nuclear research geared toward discovering an inexpensive energy source to replace fossil fuels like petroleum and coal.

In the 1960s, Oak Ridge National Laboratory out of Oak Ridge, Tennessee featured a thorium reactor that successfully produced a clean energy source. However, President Nixon shut down the plant in 1976 because it didn’t produce plutonium, which the military industrial complex needed at the time.

Thorium has the potential to fuel cars, aircraft, and replace uranium as the main element for nuclear reactors. The waste that a thorium plant produces vanishes within 200 years, compared with a uranium plant, which is toxic for at least 10,000 years, according to the Thorium Energy Alliance (TEA).

The TEA states that there is currently enough thorium in the United States alone to power the entire country at it’s current energy level for over 10,000 years. A thorium power plant can be designed to be a plug-and-play module that could potentially be integrated into an existing coal or uranium power plant. There would be no need for a new power grid.

Many argue that thorium utilization would be too centralized, and that it is not renewable.

The world uses uranium while thorium has the potential to outperform it. Thorium has no negative gas emissions, and no toxic by-products. It runs on atmospheric pressure so it’s less expensive than uranium to produce.

Thorium reactors are cheaper to build than coal plants, and some can even run themselves. Thorium is a heat source, abundant and difficult to weaponize.

Governments around the world like Norway, India, and China, with its “MSR” project are pioneering new innovations in thorium-related technologies.

Journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard stated in regards to thorium:

Major players in the nuclear industry have had a vested interest in blocking thorium. They have huge sunk-costs in the old technology, and they have bent the ear of cash-strapped ministers.

What are your thoughts on thorium? Is it just hype and a disaster waiting to happen? Or could it be that it’s another suppressed technology waiting to revolutionize the world? Leave your comments below.

Alec Cope

We Are Change

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  • Juan

    Where are the proof-of-concept reactor engines and power generators? Surely someone can crowd source enough funds to get this ball rolling!

    • joviss

      It won’t get funded if the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds say it won’t. They stopped Henry Ford in 1940s when he built a hemp plastic car 10 times stronger than steel that would run on hemp biofuel. That would have put Big oil and the steel companies out of business so they got together with another industry which would have been devastated, the Timber Barons, and outlawed hemp. Hemp is only now being allowed re-entry into the US agriculture very slowly. It was also another reason to make pot illegal being of the hemp family.

      • alecope88

        Very true Joviss, the shadow operatives will suppress any new innovations that they cannot centralize, control, and manufacture a false scarcity. Yet many are now looking into thorium as shown above, in my opinion, I cannot wait to see what groups like Laser Power Systems comes up with. Who knows, maybe it does have practical uses. Yes, the suppression of hemp is also very logical when you understand how the globalists operate. Thanks for the comment Joviss, hope you enjoyed the read.

    • alecope88

      There are many groups like Laser Power Systems and some governments now analyzing this technology. Because of the success of Oak Ridge Laboratories, many see potential for this. If this can be used to practically power cars ect., it will surely be implemented and brought into the public arena. Of course it brings us to the question; has this been suppressed on purpose? Thanks for the comment Juan, I hope this article interested you.

  • Mike Fara

    I totally saw this coming (not from WeAreChange) but a good article on Thorium from here:

    Now, if we can get this thing in a non-multimillion dollar looking prototype…

  • humptydumpty762 .

    Great to see this getting out to the wearechange audience. Thank you Mr. Cope.

    • alecope88

      Thanks for reading Humpty, i’m really appreciative that this information is now circulating in the public arena as well!

  • Rui Da Rocha Vieira

    Yeh, I already saw this “news” 6 months ago and the story is the same !!! So,when……………?

    • alecope88

      Hi Rui, I appreciate your comment. Yes, I understand that this information isn’t cutting edge, but some have never come across this knowledge before. I read some of the articles that are available as well, I featured some new elements into it as well for the new readers.

    • Pøs
  • Lora

    We already have hydrogen powered cars. Why not thorium???

    • alecope88

      Hi Lora, thanks for your comment. Well many argue that there is yet to be a technology that can practically use thorium in a car setup. But when you consider how rapid technology such as micro-processors advanced; from giant super-computers in the 1980’s to today’s Iphone, you understand that anything is possible.

  • JustMeHere
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