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Luke Rudkowski



First thing: crystals. Each facet of the gem is programmable, and Rudkowski’s intentions are admirable. “Smile, it’s contagious,” and “5 Points of Gratitude per Day.”

Copper is a conductor that is useful to the common folk. Conducting close-up views of the world elite, and looking into their eyes as they cower away with fear: yes, they do fear the wrath of independent media vigilantes. But it’s his attitude that sets him apart. Luke Rudkoski smiles his way in at the beginning, smiles in the midst of war criminals, oligarchs, eugenicists, and even politicians, you name it, Luke smiles in the end. Friendliness, loving-kindness, is a positive virtue.

FREEDOM IN ONE is clear about the source of inspiration: oneself! We’re talking about the ultimate source of good qualities, the wish-fulfilling mind. And nobody’s perfect. Rudkoski says, “Look at Ghandi, he was doing some weird stuff. And he was a racist. Look at MLK, oh man, he was freaky too! I mean, look at anybody: we all have personal flaws. We shouldn’t be looking up to anybody, because no one is perfect, and no one will ever be perfect. The person that we should be looking up to is ourselves, ourselves as human beings.” Love is the birthright of human beings, it is our great equalizer. Yet its only reliable source necessarily springs from within. It’s personal self-development and quantum physics. That and a little help from our friends.

Adam Kokesh

KokeshFREEDOM IN TWO: The Freedom Line

How to choose a line for oneself, and stick to it! On the one side is freedom, and on the other, the state. It would be a dualistic view except for its saving grace that in every state there is freedom to be found.

This line is not a linear expression. The logic comes round to a point.

Property is particles, the love-o-lution is a wave.

I must have seen 99.9% of Adam Kokesh’s videos on youtube. It was their philosophical nature that were most magnetizing. The theater is spectacular. During his bombastic tenure as Adam Vs. The Man, and now as author and host of FREEDOM!, it is the uncompromising nature of the line that draws me so much more to freedom as a living philosophy in view, meditation, and conduct. From Freedom of Information and How to Buy Drugs on the Silk Road (alas! it’s gone) to the famous shotgun scene at Freedom Plaza that ended with a flashbang!, and interviews in the commons across the continent, his range and motivation to spread the good word is heroic. His latest transformation, which manifests now in the American Campfire FREEDOM! Tour, began, in Kokesh’s own words, as a “government-induced, taxpayer-funded, spiritual retreat” AKA prison sentence including solitary confinement.

There is a vehicle of Buddhist attainment called Self Realization. It’s for when Buddha is unavailable. There, in the fruition, the karma of bondage is released in an instant. It is realization through one’s wits alone. It is against all odds. This warrior brandishes a double-edge sword and cleaves the state to particles and smithereens.

All these thoughts are by nature dualistic. And all this thinking can go take a rest in the camper. In the camper with no ceiling, look to the sky. The endless prison walls of dogmas are emptiness. FREEDOM! is published here.

& N.A. Poe


We Are Change and Adam vamped on the mic while we waited for Poe, who turned up rather late on the scene. Of course this is 4/20 in Denver, CO, and Poe had already eaten over 55 milligrams of THC. Inevitably, upon his arrival, Kokesh played him for a pothead. Meanwhile, Luke maintained the visual field.

But Nikki Allen Poe had his way too, accusing Kokesh in jest of bringing the cops to Smoke Down Prohibition V! The first four Smoke Downs were successes, in that the crowds amassed peacefully, smoking their cannabis in front of Liberty Bell at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. But at Smoke Down V both were arrested, and a few days later freed based on the overwhelming support of the activist community in the free world. Then, while Poe was on Federal Probation for the term of a year, he was instrumental in the effort for decriminalization in Philadelphia, and even ran for Philadelphia City Council. Parents who are determined to find CBD-rich strains of cannabis for their epileptic children inspire him, bring him to the verge of tears. Me too.

FREEDOM IN MULTIPLICITY, for Poe, includes a little bit of government, but for the most part it is about asserting individual rights of speech and association. That and a little Gonzo journalism. Voluntary socialism. Ultimately, through believing in oneself, communities of individuals may voluntary assemble and live their dreams in mutual support and protecting aid. Poe says:

It’s not about safety in numbers.
It’s STRENGTH in numbers.

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